And now it’s gone

Thank you all for the anniversary wishes!  {d&k} had a great time last night.  K took d out to dinner at their favorite restaurant, Spaghetti Warehouse.  We’ve been there every year on our anniversary.  We don’t eat pasta all that often, so when we do it should be a splurge for a special occasion.  And trust me, we ate last night!  Oof.

After dinner we wandered around downtown Dallas for a bit, realizing it is still too hot here for an evening stroll.  When we got home, we loaded the couch up with the pups and cuddled in for a tv show and wine.  It was a pretty wonderful anniversary, if I do say so myself.

And now, just like that, it’s over.  Back to normal.  Another wonderful year of being married ahead of us.

Enjoy your day,


Holy 3 years, Batman!

Yep, that’s right.  {d&k} have been married for 3 years!!  Where has the time gone?

Well, I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun! I am so, so lucky to be married to the most wonderful man, my best friend, my love pug, and all of the other cute nicknames that will make you sick-to-your-stomach.

I love the life we have formed for ourselves. I love waking up every morning to k’s scruffy face and I love that it’s the last thing I see before I close my eyes at night.

He is by far the best thing that has ever happened to me. And, I hate to break it to you, k, you are stuck with me for-ev-er. And ever.

You are my swan.

My lobster.

I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together. It’s you and me, kitten. I love you.