The Hulk

So, apparently pregnancy brain is still in full effect around here and it gives me hulk-like strength.

Last week, I went to the spare bathroom to get something out of the medicine cabinet.  In the bathroom, the mirror is straight ahead, above the sink, and the medicine cabinet is on the right wall,  next to the mirror.  Well, I went in with a mission to get into the medicine cabinet and then pregnancy brain struck.  Instead of opening the medicine cabinet, I went for the mirror, pulling it right off the wall.

So I’m standing there, holding a giant mirror, wondering what the heck I was doing and why I’m now holding a mirror.  Thankfully, it was just hanging on a few screws, so I didn’t do any damage to the wall.  I then put the mirror back on the wall and started laughing hysterically.  So loud, that dog-cat #2 came to check on me.  Thankfully, K was not home to witness any of this.

Now, every time I go into that bathroom, I see the mirror and start laughing.  And, I have to be extra careful when I get into the medicine cabinet.  I have to make a conscious effort to open the right cabinet and not pull the mirror off the wall.

And, who know I was so strong?!  Watch out world, there’s a new hulk in town!


Anyone else with super human strength when preggo?  No?  Just me?


Enjoy your day,


Yay, moms!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there and to those who are about to be moms (like me)!  I hope you all had a wonderful day yesterday.

Since I am going to be a mom in a month (holy cow, time to freak out), K was super sweet and treated me to my own Mother’s Day.  He made me breakfast – pancakes and eggs – yum!  And, he got me a few new charms for my Pandora bracelet.  I can’t tell you what two of them are because they are Mini Mullan’s initials, but he did get a little teddy bear and Mini’s birthstone, assuming she’s born in June.  This was such a sweet and thoughtful gift!  Thanks, k!

We then spent the rest of the day playing with the pups at the dog park and had a horrible time trying to get Elvis out of the water.  All he wanted to do was play fetch in the pond.  We eventually had to hide his toy and he followed us around whining.  Poor thing!  And, Uma was in rare form.  She went swimming three times!  And for her, swimming is just taking a dip in the shallow end of the pond.  We are not sure she knows how to swim.  But, she did splash around and dunk her head under water!  There must be something in that pond water that makes dogs hyper because as soon as she got out she started running and trying to get other pups to chase her.  Normally at the dog park, Uma just wanders around, peeing on things and sniffing other dogs.  She was having a blast yesterday.  And now today, she is still sleeping!

How did you spend your Mother’s Day?  No matter how you spent it, I hope it was fantastic!


Enjoy your day,




It’s May….finally!

Holy cow, it’s finally May. Remember when I said April should fly by because we were so busy? Yeah, it didn’t. It seemed to drag on and on.

Now that it’s May, I can officially say Mini Mullan will be here next month. Oh wow, next month. Who’s excited!?! ME, ME! I’m done being pregnant. I just want our baby. Now. And, it doesn’t help that I’m impatient (thanks for that trait, DW). I really have no idea how I’m going to make it another 6 weeks. Maybe May will fly by!? Haha, probably not. Everyone that has already had kids tells me the last 2 months go by so slow. Well, so far that’s true. And, it doesn’t help that we have everything done and we are just waiting. I should have taken my time on the room, the shopping for necessities, laundry, etc. At least I still have to get the zoo ready. Mainly the dog-cats. This could take awhile too. They are smart but only when they want to be. I have a feeling all of my baby pep talks have gone in one giant ear and out the other. Sebastian’s fluffy ear fur probably blocked everything I said. He’s sort of a mama’s boy and I have a feeling he will have the hardest time with Mini’s arrival. Any suggestions to get a couple of dog-cats ready for a baby?

We do have some fun things coming up in May to look forward to, including K’s birthday! Yay! I love K’s birthday…way more than my own. And, I’m on top of it this year. I’ve already purchased AND wrapped the presents, figured out dessert (for him to take to work – I’ll share pics), his cake, and of course, planned his favorite dinner, mac ‘n cheese.

Anyone else excited that it is finally May? Are you looking forward to nicer weather? I hope everyone has a fantastic May!

Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy your day,

To kill, or not to kill a mockingbird?

I’m going with kill.
We have lots of mockingbirds here in Texas and they are pretty annoying little creatures. Not to mention, I’m terrified of birds, so one less in the world would be great.
Anyways, back to why I want to kill this little guy…
If you’ve never heard a mockingbird, they like to mimic everything, hence the name “mockingbird.”. Mostly, I’ve only heard them laugh at people. But, last night I got to witness the true mocking nature of these little weasels. It was around 4am, and of course, I couldn’t sleep. I had the windows open and I could here a bird that must have been very close to the window based on how loud he was. He was chirping non stop. After I listened for awhile, I realized he was mocking 17 different bird calls. 17!! And, once he went through all 17, he’d start over at the beginning, no break in between. Now, why was he up in the middle of the night? I’ve never heard birds chirping in the middle of the night. Don’t they sleep? And, 17 different bird calls? Really? Now you’re just showing off.
And now, I hear nothing. Oh, it must be his bedtime. Of course.
I’m interested to see if this is a new nightly thing. Will he be back to annoy me again tonight?

On another note, I have lots of photos to share with you…I’m just been too lazy to upload them. Haha. I promise, I’ll get them up soon!

Enjoy your day (and I hope it’s mockingbird free),

Ninja Cat, Level: Teleportation

I’ve decided dog-cat #2 (aka, Sebastian) has a super power.  Teleportation.  He’s also a ninja.  He’s pretty talented.

He’s a very sneaky thing to begin with.  With dog-cat #1, you can hear him coming down the hall.  He walks and runs very heavy-footed.  Sort of like an elephant.  With dog-cat #2, you can barely hear him coming down the hall, unless he has something he wants to show you (like my yarn balls) and then he makes the dying sea-lion noises.

The dog-cats like to sleep with me.  Sometimes they’ll sleep at the foot of the bed, on my side, or they’ll curl up on the couch in our bedroom.  Most nights, I don’t know if they are on the bed or the couch.  I never feel them.

Lately, dog-cat #2 has been especially ninja-like.  I get up to go to the bathroom several times a night (thanks Mini Mullan!) and every time I do, dog-cat #2 has to come running into the bathroom.  I’m not sure if he’s worried he might miss something… Does he think I need help?… In any case, he has to be in there with me.

Well last night, he comes in and it was all a blur.  I didn’t see him actually come into the bathroom.  I just noticed that he was below me, laying on the ground, pawing at my foot.  Heart.attack.  I start to head back to bed and as soon as I get into bed, he’s in my spot, pawing at my arm and purring.  What?!  How did you get back here so quickly?!


There must be a portal from right in front of the toilet and another right next to my side of the bed.

Now clearly, these are very small portals…only big enough for a 17 pound cat.  That’s why I’ve never seen them.  This is the ONLY explanation.

I’m also convinced there is one in the cat room because as soon as I put food in his bowl, he’s there.  Poof.  I think he takes the one from my bedroom to his room.  Again, only explanation.

And, I’m pretty sure dog-cat #1 used it last night.  I remember seeing him sleeping on my bed right before I closed the bedroom door to lock him in there.  He’s sort of a loner and likes to be locked in rooms by himself.   Rooms, closets, same thing.  He’ll stay in there for hours and when he wants out, he throws his body against the door letting me know he’s ready.  So, last night, he had been in there for a few hours and I was just waiting for the giant {thuds} to start, when all of a sudden, he jumped up on the couch behind me.  What?!  Where did you come from?!  You were locked in the bedroom.  I swear.

I wonder how many portals there are around the house?  The dogs clearly have no idea these exist.  That would be dangerous.  Pugs popping up out of no where.  Reappearing in different rooms.  They are not sneaky, or smart, so I feel it is best they don’t know these portals exist.

Maybe that’s why the dog-cats are so chubby.  They don’t have to walk from one side of the house to the other.  They just teleport.

Like I said, this is the only explanation for this.  And no, it’s not pregnancy brain talking.  It’s definitely teleportation.


Enjoy your day,


Alien Attack

Yep, that’s right.  I’m referring to Mini Mullan as “alien” here.  You know I think she’s an alien trying to get out and my theory is becoming more clear by the week.

Last night, while {d&k} were getting ready for bed, I told k that I think Mini Mullan really is an alien and that she is slowing killing me in order to take over my body with hopes of eventual world domination (think Pinky & the Brain {What are we going to do today, Brain?  Same thing we do every day,Pinky, try to take over the world}, only in this case, it’s d & Mini Mullan).

Let me back up a bit to how we got on the topic of the said alien.  Mini Mullan has decided she is stubborn, just like {d&k}.  No one should be shocked by this.  Mini is breech.  She was head down and decided it would be fun to flip.  And, instead of flipping back, she’s made a nest and is quite content in this position.  Now, we have a few weeks before we have to start worrying about this, but until then, I am very uncomfortable.  She’s using my bladder as a swing and who knows what organs she’s pushing off of.  And, she has taken up the awesome sport of head-butting and my ribs are the grand challenge.  Based on how sore I am, I’d say she’s come in first place and plans on holding that title.

So, I told k that Mini is slowly weakening all of my organs, ribs, and anything else that gets in her way, so she can claw her way out and take over the world as the alien she is.

That’s when k decided that she’s going to come out of my belly button, 1 finger at a time until the opening is big enough for her.  Think back to the last alien-related movie you saw….doesn’t that image fit in perfectly?!  Thanks k.

K decided I would have nightmares from this visual.  I decided that HE would have nightmares for giving me that visual.  I told him that while he was sleeping, I was going to slowly lift up his shirt and stick my finger in his belly button, just like an alien was coming out.

Then came the uncontrollable laughter.  From me.  I couldn’t stop.  Apparently, I think I am the funniest person, evah.  K was only slightly amused.  But, he stopped talking about the alien coming out of my belly button.  He was pretty quiet the rest of the night.  I think I spooked him.  I wish I would have woken up in the middle of the night and really touched his belly button.  He would have either 1, not felt a thing and slept contently through it or 2, had a heart attack.   It would have been pretty funny either way.  I mean, not him having an actual heart attack, but him being that scared.  It doesn’t happen often that I get to spook him.  Maybe I’ll try it tonight {insert evil Brain laugh here}.

So, now you all have the lovely image of Mini Mullan alien coming out of my belly button and taking over the world.  Hey, it could happen.  Just know, you’ve been warned.


Enjoy your day, it could be your last if Mini has anything to do with it.


Great Customer Service

Sadly, I’ve had nothing exciting to post.  We have been very boring lately.  I know!  How can {d&k} have such a boring life?  Haha.  You know what?!  Sometimes that’s okay!  I’ll take a boring life over the crazy, hectic, never-see-my-husband-or-zoo life we had back in Ohio any day.

I did want to share with you my awesome customer service experience today.  I’m a pretty independent person.  If someone asks if I need help in a store, I will almost always say no.  I especially hate those select stores where the employees pounce on you right when you walk in and won’t leave you alone.  I just want to shop in peace, thankyouverymuch.  And, now that I’m preggo and you can noticeably tell (that might be an understatement – I am HUGE), I get asked a lot more if I need help.  And, like I said, I’m independent so I always say no.  Just because I’m pregnant, doesn’t mean I need help loading grocery bags into my car.  Now, if you want to come home with me and put all my groceries away, that’s a totally different story!

But, today was different.  I had to swing by the pet store and get some dog food.  The poor zoo was down to their last few bits of kibble this morning.  Oops.  We live very close to all of the pet store chains, but Pet Supplies Plus is my favorite.  It’s small, I know where everything is, and it’s one of the only stores that carries Elvis’ dog food (because, yes, of course one of my dogs has to be on special food for his epilepsy – yes, of course one of my dogs has epilepsy).  So, I run into Pet Supplies Plus to get 2 bags of dog food.  I know where everything is so it was going to be a very quick trip.  Turns out, I was the only customer there and the employees were overly excited to see me.  I was frightened.  I thought they might not leave me alone.  One of the employees asked me if I needed help finding anything and I said that I did not and that I was just there for 2 bags of dog food.  He started walking with me and said there was no way he was going to let me lift dog food into my cart.  This time, he had a point.  They are pretty heavy bags.  So, I decided to let him help me.  He grabbed the first bag and then led me to where the next bag was.  He threw that in the cart as well.  Then he asked if I needed anything else.  I told him I was going to go look at dog bones and he said he would meet me at the cashier.  A few minutes later I wandered up to the front and he was waiting for me, like he said he would be.  I checked out and he grabbed the cart and wheeled it out to my car for me.  He then loaded the bags of dog food into the back of my car, closed the back, and walked to the front and opened my door for me.  That was so sweet!  He definitely went above and beyond and that made me happy!  I feel like he is the type of employee that would have done that for me whether I was pregnant or not.  Now, whether I would have let him is a whole other story.

So, I just thought I would share that little story with you today and to tell you that if you do not shop at Pet Supplies Plus, I highly recommend it!

I hope everyone is having a terrific week!  I do have a few more things to share with you this week.  And, I promise I will try not to let the blog get so dusty!

Thanks for stopping by!  Enjoy your day,

9 was a bad choice

So, what’s so wrong with the number 9?!  Well, I had a slight case of pregnancy brain on Saturday and decided it would be a “good” idea to take a walk around the lake.  {d&k} have only been completely around this lake once, and that was by bike.  The trail around the lake is 9 miles.  Yep, that right there.  That’s why 9 is a bad number.

By mile 4.5, we were ready to be finished.  But, since we were already half way, we could have turned and headed back the way we came, or finished the loop around the lake.  At that point, we were already committed to 9 miles.  Ugh.  We were both in pain when we finished.  And, I definitely had a waddle.

We did have a great time and got a fantastic workout. My heart rate monitor said we burned almost 1700 calories.  Turns out, walking for 3 hours is a great workout!

We spent the last 1.5 miles laughing at how stupid I am to think that this was a good idea.  K even asked if for a slight moment, I forgot I was preggo.  Haha.  Maybe I did.  I think that’s where the pregnancy brain kicked in.

And, thankfully, I was only sore the remainder of that evening.  I actually slept really well that night (I can’t imagine why) and woke up feeling great.  So, the 9 miles turned out to be good for me.  Although, getting through them was not the most fun.

And, we also had beautiful weather that day.  It was supposed to rain all day, and instead, it was 82 and sunny.  I even got a little sun burn.  In March, no less.  I’ll take it!

So, lesson learned….when D says, “Let’s walk around the lake!”  K needs to chime in, “NOOOOoooooo!”  We decided 4.5 is the max and at miles 2.25, we turn around and head back.  I like that plan much better.

How was everyone’s weather this weekend?  Did anyone get to spend time outside?


Enjoy your day,


79 days

I just saw a countdown today.

It scared me.

It said 79 days until Mini Mullan’s arrival.

79 DAYS!  Holy cow.


We’ve been very busy getting ready for Mini Mullan’s arrival.  I thought we were doing okay.  That is, until I saw the 79 number on the countdown.  79.  That’s not that many days.

We had a doctor’s appointment yesterday and Mini Mullan is doing great!  She’s right on schedule.  Keep up the good work, little one!  And, we had to register for the childbirth class.  Eep.  I’m not really looking forward to this.  I think this class is going to make me worried, scared or have anxiety that I really don’t want.  I’ve been pretty good up until this point.  Not really worrying about anything, especially not delivery.  Maybe because it seemed so far off.  Damn you, 79 days.  I also haven’t been worrying about that because she has to come out one way or another, haha.  And, I really like and trust my doctor, so I’m not worried about the process.  But, I’m sure this class will change all of that.  And, I’m not going to lie.  I’m naive.  I like it in my bubble.  It’s clean and warm.  Perfect for this little germaphobe.  I’m okay with not knowing things.  Really okay.  And, so is K.  He’s a fight or flight kind of guy.  If he knows too much going in, he’s likely to pass out.  No joke.  Head on the floor.  We’ve already warned our doctor.  So, the less he knows, the better.  We’ll see how this class goes.  You may see a bit more panicky posts from me.  You’ve been warned.

We also had to register at the hospital.  Yep, this just got real.  Aside from the wiggly, little alien inside of me, trying to claw her way out, it hasn’t really felt that real yet.  And now, dun, dun dun, it does.  That, and the fact that we’ll be seeing our doctor every 2 weeks now.  That makes it real.  Oh yeah, and those pesky 79 days.

And today, we went and interviewed a daycare.  We really liked it and we hope they turn out to be the best one for us.  We are still looking into a few others, just for comparison.  But so far, we think we know who we want to go with.

So, see…I think I’m doing okay for only 79 days out.  Right?  RIGHT?!?!  Someone tell me yes so I can stop freaking out.  And, the nursery is finished.  That’s huge.  And, we have one more shower here in Texas to look forward to and then we’ll be all set.  I hope.  Fingers crossed.

Well, we do need to work on dog-cat #2.  I think he’s going to be the one affected by Mini Mullan the most.  He’s pretty attached to me.  He has to be on my lap every chance he gets.  I’m worried he’s going to try to lay on top of the baby while I’m holding her.  I wouldn’t put it past him.  And, he’s already tried nesting in her crib.  That is why her door must remained closed at all times.  I can definitely see dog-cat #2 cuddling up with her in her crib.  Did I say cuddling?  I meant smothering.  Have you seen how fluffy he is?!  So, any suggestions on how to get an overly attached cat ready for a baby?  I’m not worried about the pups and dog-cat #1 at all.  The pups love kids and become very protective little watch dogs.  And, dog-cat #1 could care less.  He’ll ignore and avoid her and me at first.  Then, when he realizes I’m still feeding him and he still gets to sleep with me at night, we’ll be best friends again.

Well, there you have it.  79 days until Mini Mullan.  Get ready, world.


Enjoy your day,