The Hulk

So, apparently pregnancy brain is still in full effect around here and it gives me hulk-like strength.

Last week, I went to the spare bathroom to get something out of the medicine cabinet.  In the bathroom, the mirror is straight ahead, above the sink, and the medicine cabinet is on the right wall,  next to the mirror.  Well, I went in with a mission to get into the medicine cabinet and then pregnancy brain struck.  Instead of opening the medicine cabinet, I went for the mirror, pulling it right off the wall.

So I’m standing there, holding a giant mirror, wondering what the heck I was doing and why I’m now holding a mirror.  Thankfully, it was just hanging on a few screws, so I didn’t do any damage to the wall.  I then put the mirror back on the wall and started laughing hysterically.  So loud, that dog-cat #2 came to check on me.  Thankfully, K was not home to witness any of this.

Now, every time I go into that bathroom, I see the mirror and start laughing.  And, I have to be extra careful when I get into the medicine cabinet.  I have to make a conscious effort to open the right cabinet and not pull the mirror off the wall.

And, who know I was so strong?!  Watch out world, there’s a new hulk in town!


Anyone else with super human strength when preggo?  No?  Just me?


Enjoy your day,


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