To kill, or not to kill a mockingbird?

I’m going with kill.
We have lots of mockingbirds here in Texas and they are pretty annoying little creatures. Not to mention, I’m terrified of birds, so one less in the world would be great.
Anyways, back to why I want to kill this little guy…
If you’ve never heard a mockingbird, they like to mimic everything, hence the name “mockingbird.”. Mostly, I’ve only heard them laugh at people. But, last night I got to witness the true mocking nature of these little weasels. It was around 4am, and of course, I couldn’t sleep. I had the windows open and I could here a bird that must have been very close to the window based on how loud he was. He was chirping non stop. After I listened for awhile, I realized he was mocking 17 different bird calls. 17!! And, once he went through all 17, he’d start over at the beginning, no break in between. Now, why was he up in the middle of the night? I’ve never heard birds chirping in the middle of the night. Don’t they sleep? And, 17 different bird calls? Really? Now you’re just showing off.
And now, I hear nothing. Oh, it must be his bedtime. Of course.
I’m interested to see if this is a new nightly thing. Will he be back to annoy me again tonight?

On another note, I have lots of photos to share with you…I’m just been too lazy to upload them. Haha. I promise, I’ll get them up soon!

Enjoy your day (and I hope it’s mockingbird free),


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