Alien Attack

Yep, that’s right.  I’m referring to Mini Mullan as “alien” here.  You know I think she’s an alien trying to get out and my theory is becoming more clear by the week.

Last night, while {d&k} were getting ready for bed, I told k that I think Mini Mullan really is an alien and that she is slowing killing me in order to take over my body with hopes of eventual world domination (think Pinky & the Brain {What are we going to do today, Brain?  Same thing we do every day,Pinky, try to take over the world}, only in this case, it’s d & Mini Mullan).

Let me back up a bit to how we got on the topic of the said alien.  Mini Mullan has decided she is stubborn, just like {d&k}.  No one should be shocked by this.  Mini is breech.  She was head down and decided it would be fun to flip.  And, instead of flipping back, she’s made a nest and is quite content in this position.  Now, we have a few weeks before we have to start worrying about this, but until then, I am very uncomfortable.  She’s using my bladder as a swing and who knows what organs she’s pushing off of.  And, she has taken up the awesome sport of head-butting and my ribs are the grand challenge.  Based on how sore I am, I’d say she’s come in first place and plans on holding that title.

So, I told k that Mini is slowly weakening all of my organs, ribs, and anything else that gets in her way, so she can claw her way out and take over the world as the alien she is.

That’s when k decided that she’s going to come out of my belly button, 1 finger at a time until the opening is big enough for her.  Think back to the last alien-related movie you saw….doesn’t that image fit in perfectly?!  Thanks k.

K decided I would have nightmares from this visual.  I decided that HE would have nightmares for giving me that visual.  I told him that while he was sleeping, I was going to slowly lift up his shirt and stick my finger in his belly button, just like an alien was coming out.

Then came the uncontrollable laughter.  From me.  I couldn’t stop.  Apparently, I think I am the funniest person, evah.  K was only slightly amused.  But, he stopped talking about the alien coming out of my belly button.  He was pretty quiet the rest of the night.  I think I spooked him.  I wish I would have woken up in the middle of the night and really touched his belly button.  He would have either 1, not felt a thing and slept contently through it or 2, had a heart attack.   It would have been pretty funny either way.  I mean, not him having an actual heart attack, but him being that scared.  It doesn’t happen often that I get to spook him.  Maybe I’ll try it tonight {insert evil Brain laugh here}.

So, now you all have the lovely image of Mini Mullan alien coming out of my belly button and taking over the world.  Hey, it could happen.  Just know, you’ve been warned.


Enjoy your day, it could be your last if Mini has anything to do with it.



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