9 was a bad choice

So, what’s so wrong with the number 9?!  Well, I had a slight case of pregnancy brain on Saturday and decided it would be a “good” idea to take a walk around the lake.  {d&k} have only been completely around this lake once, and that was by bike.  The trail around the lake is 9 miles.  Yep, that right there.  That’s why 9 is a bad number.

By mile 4.5, we were ready to be finished.  But, since we were already half way, we could have turned and headed back the way we came, or finished the loop around the lake.  At that point, we were already committed to 9 miles.  Ugh.  We were both in pain when we finished.  And, I definitely had a waddle.

We did have a great time and got a fantastic workout. My heart rate monitor said we burned almost 1700 calories.  Turns out, walking for 3 hours is a great workout!

We spent the last 1.5 miles laughing at how stupid I am to think that this was a good idea.  K even asked if for a slight moment, I forgot I was preggo.  Haha.  Maybe I did.  I think that’s where the pregnancy brain kicked in.

And, thankfully, I was only sore the remainder of that evening.  I actually slept really well that night (I can’t imagine why) and woke up feeling great.  So, the 9 miles turned out to be good for me.  Although, getting through them was not the most fun.

And, we also had beautiful weather that day.  It was supposed to rain all day, and instead, it was 82 and sunny.  I even got a little sun burn.  In March, no less.  I’ll take it!

So, lesson learned….when D says, “Let’s walk around the lake!”  K needs to chime in, “NOOOOoooooo!”  We decided 4.5 is the max and at miles 2.25, we turn around and head back.  I like that plan much better.

How was everyone’s weather this weekend?  Did anyone get to spend time outside?


Enjoy your day,



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