I’m Baaaack!!

Ok, sorry for the long hiatus.  I took a lot more time off from blogging than I anticipated.  But sadly, I don’t have that much to tell you about.  Man, my life is boring right now.  That’s not a bad thing.  I mean, I’ll gladly take the calm before the storm in the next three months.  Yep, that’s right.  Mini Mullan will be making her appearance within the next three months.  Holy cow.  How can this be?!  I did think this whole pregnancy thing was going by quickly.  I’m sure the next three months will seem to drag on.  However, the month of April is jam-packed for {d&k}, so that should fly by…right?!  We’ll see.  If you suddenly start seeing panicky posts in about a month, you’ll know April flew by.

Oh, a quick thank you to all of our loyal followers that kindly reminded me that the blog was getting dusty.  It’s nice to see you are all so interested in {d&k}s lives 🙂  Seriously, though…we do really appreciate that you are following us and want to know what we are up to.  So, thank you!!

Alright…what have {d&k} been up to since returning from Ohio/Michigan?!  Well, nothing really.  I’ve been sick.  Some sort of cold/sinus ick that I can’t seem to get rid of.  It’s making breathing through my nose very difficult.  I sound like Oskar the pug when he’s snoring.  Lovely.  People don’t stand as close to me anymore.  Which, I am okay with.  This germaphobe does not need anyone standing close to her.  K has been super busy with work.  It just clicked for him that the baby will be here in three months and that he should be setting up some of his coworkers as backups for all of his upcoming projects, just in case.  This made him a little twitchy last week.  Haha.  We’ll see what happens with that.  The zoo is doing great.  They smell.  All of them.  Good thing I scheduled a spa day for them next week.  I love when they come home all fluffy!  Normally I give them baths (the pugs in the bath tub and Uma outside in her baby pool), however, it is getting much more difficult for me to bend over, let alone lean over a bath tub.  So, off to the vet they go.  Plus, they have fancier shampoo 🙂  The weather here has been amazing.  It’s been in the 70s the last week.  It is supposed to cool off this weekend and drop into the high 50s and continue on into next week like that.  But, I can’t complain. Especially spending a week in Ohio & Michigan’s weather.  Brrrr.  My skin has definitely thinned out from living here.  I can’t do the cold anymore!

And, that’s us as of late.  Nothing exciting.  I’m hoping that I can have something better for you in the next few days.  Maybe something exciting will pop up?  Don’t count on it.

Thanks for stopping by!  Enjoy your day,





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