Nicholas Sparks, You’re a jerk!

Just kidding, Nicholas Sparks.  I love you.  But you do make me cry.  A lot.

Note:  Never take an already emotional pregnant woman to a Nicholas Sparks movie.  No matter how hard she begs.  And, it will not matter if she’s read the book.  She will still cry.  A lot.

I’ll get back to NS in a moment.
{d&k} had a great weekend.  We had a ton of errands to run, but we still found time to have a little fun.  Ok, a lot of fun.  Minus the crying.  And, k surprised me with Sprinkles Cupcakes!!  He said it was “just because he’s so excited about Mini Mullan.”  Cue “awwwws” now.  I know.  Best husband evah!

So, we decided that we would catch a movie on Sunday, after the usual church and dog park date.  I really wanted to see Safe Haven because 1, I love Nicholas Sparks, and 2, I read the book over the summer and it weaseled its way into one of my favorites.  So, k agreed because 1, he’s an awesome hubby (see above) and 2, there is a cute girl in the movie.  NS, you know how to get the guys there.  And I’m totally okay with it.

So, we had free movie passes (woohoo) and we (and by we I mean k) decide to spend what we would have on the movie on food. Oh boy.  We had slushies, popcorn, and Sour Patch Kids.  My teeth hurt.  So did my stomach.  But, totally worth it.

All I have to say is that I’m glad I shoved those last-minute tissues into my purse.  That would have been a disaster.  I would have totally wiped my eyes and runny nose on k’s shirt.  And, he would have let me (again, see above).  It was a very good movie and stayed pretty true to the book.  Well done, NS, well done.  And, k really liked it too.  And, there may have been tears at the end of the movie, followed by “stupid movie” mutterings under his breath.  That’s my baby!  That right there is why we are perfect for each other.  Neither one of us can make it through a Nicholas Sparks movie without at least getting teary-eyed.

And, I did my fair share of crying throughout the movie too.  I wish I could have saved it for just the end.  But no, not this emotional preggo.  See, that’s where the note comes in.  Remember this, any of you that have an emotional preggo in your life, or if you, yes you the one reading, is an emotional preggo.  See the movie at your own risk.  I will advise you see it at home, in the comfort of your own living room, where you don’t have to hold in the sobs.  That was the hard part.  That and the sniffles.  But, if you are going to see it at home, make sure you have slushies, popcorn, and Sour Patch Kids.  They helped me through it.  Just sayin’.

So, my friends, did you have a good weekend?  Was it as fun and emotional as mine?  Haha, doubt it!

Enjoy your day,


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