Alien Dance Party

Mini Mullan apparently likes to dance.  Every day.  At 10pm.  So much, that she scared the cat, who was laying across my belly.  Hilarious?  Yes!  Creepy?  Heck yes!

Mini Mullan has been moving around quite a bit lately.  K was actually able to feel her, twice, last weekend.  He has not been able to feel her since.  We are thinking it’s either because 1, his hands are really warm and she likes that so she’s nestled right up next to them, or 2, she doesn’t like him.  I’m going with 2, but K seems to be stuck on number 1.

So, this further confirms my thought that Mini Mullan really is an alien trying to get out.  She’s just getting her workout in, you know, training, every night until the “big day” when she attacks me.  From the inside.  No big deal.  Right?  RIGHT?!  I mean, women go through alien attacks like this everyday.  Some, even come back for round two, three, and even four.

I’m just saying, my alien theory may not be that far off.

And, based on K’s face when he felt her kick, I think he’s on the alien bandwagon too.

Thanks for stopping by!

Enjoy your day,
{d&k} (and the little alien too)


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