K’s drugged-up state

Hi friends!

Sorry I’ve been lacking in the posts this week…I’ve been taking care of K.  Yep, that’s right.  K had his wisdom teeth out on Tuesday and has been in a little bit of pain this week.  He’s been taking it easy and I’ve been playing nurse.  He’s doing much better, still sore, but back at work now.  So, my blogging fell a bit behind.  But, to make up for it, I have some funny K-under-anesthesia stories for you!!

K went in for his surgery on Tuesday morning and about an hour later I was able to go back and see him and help wake him up from the drugs.  This is when the laughing-until-crying began.  As soon as I walk in and sit down, the nurse taps K’s arm and tells him to wake up and see who she brought in for him.  He opens one eye, barely, sees me and flicks me off.  Ha.  Then he goes right back to sleep.  So I start talking to him to try to get him to wake up and nothing.  No movement.  Nothing.  Then, the doctor comes in to tell me that K did a great job and that he should have a pretty speedy recovery (yay!) and then he taps K’s arm to wake him up.  K, of course, wakes up, opens both eyes and gives the doctor two thumbs up.  Then, he turns to look at me and flicks me off again.  Apparently in his drugged-up state he thinks I did the surgery on him.

After a little while longer of coaxing, he is finally starting to wake up.  I kept bribing him with going home to sleep in his own bed, instead of the fake leather dentist’s chair, but he would just nestle into the chair more, like it was the most comfortable chair he’s ever been in.  Ha.

Then, he holds up four fingers and I said, “Four?”  He nods and then holds up four fingers on one hand and two on the other.  I said, “Six?”  He nods and holds up five fingers.  I said, “Five?” and then he proceeds to make rippling/ocean like movements with his hand.  I told him I had no idea what that meant and he flicked me off, again.  At this point, the tears came.  I couldn’t hold them in.  I was laughing so hard!  He was just so cute lying there, eyes closed, trying to communicate with me and I had no idea what he was talking about.  Plus, his mouth was stuffed full of gauze and he couldn’t talk.  Poor guy.  I feel bad for laughing now, but it was just so funny.

At this point, the nurse has come in to talk to me more about his recovery and we are both trying to wake him up.  He’s finally “awake” and able to sit up.  He’s trying to talk to us but he’s not making any sense.  We are asking him questions and he kept pointing to me to answer for him.  And then he would get upset when I answered wrong, haha.  We decide he’s awake enough to walk, so the nurse has me pull my car around out front while she gets him to the door.  After waiting by my car for a few minutes, I decide to go in and see if everything is okay.  I get inside, just as they are coming out, and grab K’s other arm to help balance him.  We walk him to the car, put him in, and try to buckle him in.  But, he’s insistent on buckling himself in.  He finally gets the seat belt in and then does a little celebratory dance in the car.  Then, the nurse hands me 3 packages of little kid toothbrushes.  I look at her confused and then ask if these are for K to brush his teeth with.  She laughs and said, “No, they are for the baby.”  At this point I’m very confused and she sees it.  She begins to tell me that as they were walking out the back hallway, they passed some boxes of kid toothbrushes and K stopped to get one.  She asked what he needed that for and he said that he needs girly colored toothbrushes for the baby.  She laughs and K gets upset and won’t leave until she finds him toothbrushes.  So, she begins digging through these boxes and keeps pulling out toothbrushes but K doesn’t like them because they are not girly enough.  She said he was adamant on getting girly toothbrushes.  Haha.  Finally, she found three that he was okay with.  So now, we have three girly toothbrushes for the baby.  I didn’t have the heart to tell him that we won’t need those for a while.  So, instead, they are in the toothbrush holder in the baby’s bathroom.  Even in a drugged-up state, K was still concerned with the baby. What a sweet man!

The funny thing about all of this is that he had no idea any of this happened.  After we got him home and let him sleep off what was left of the anesthesia, I told him these stories.  He was shocked and couldn’t stop laughing.  He said that apparently while drugged, he was very concerned with the baby’s dental hygiene and very upset with me.  I told him that he’s never flicked me off that many times in a row, haha.

So now, K is in the recovery stages and is doing well.  He’s still in bit of pain, but the pain meds seem to be helping with that.  And, the poor thing is on a liquid/soft foods diet.  He’s been living off of tomato soup, instant breakfast drinks, cream of wheat (yuck!), and ice cream.  He did try bread for the first time yesterday and had to chew it with his front teeth.  I had a weird vision that a squirrel was sitting across from me at Panera, eating tomato soup and bread.  It was weird.  I’m hoping that by next week, he’ll be able to incorporate a few other soft foods into his diet.  Fingers crossed.

And, Tara is coming into town this weekend and K won’t be able to eat at any of the restaurants we want to go to.  Do you think the restaurants will mix up his food in a blender for him?  Yummm….drinkable burgers and fries!  Haha.

So, that has been my week.  Entertaining to say the least.  How has your week been?  On another note, the baby’s crib, mattress, and bedding arrived in the mail.  I will share pictures with you next week.  And, I finished painting the dresser.  Those pictures to come next week too.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend!  We’ll chat next week!
Enjoy your day,


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