It’s so fluffy!!!

We watched Despicable Me a few days ago and it was hilarious.  If you haven’t seen it yet, go watch it. Now.

So, ever since then, {d&k} have not been able to stop saying, “It’s so FLUFFY!”   Here’s the scene:

This may be the best scene from the entire movie.

K decided that you can substitute just about anything for, “It’s so FLUFFY!” and it works.  For example, “I’m so HUNGRY!” and his new favorite, “I’m so SORRY I could DIE!”  Go ahead, try it!

We also had a good laugh at the Minions.  And, I loved that they all had human names.  Kevin was my favorite, go figure.

K also did a little digging and found a Minion name generator.  So, we punched in my name and guess what my minion name is?!  Yep, Kevin.  Ahahaha!  How funny.  We then decided to plug in our names for Mini Mullan (which we are not sharing) and if Mini Mullan is a boy, his Minion name is Phil.  If Mini Mullan is a girl, her Minion name is Phil.  Hahaha!  So, we’ve nicknamed Mini Mullan, Phil.  Which, can be somewhat confusing:

See, confusing.

So, the point of this post is to 1) watch Despicable Me, 2) insert your favorite phrase into, “It’s so FLUFFY!”, and 3) find your Minion name.  Report back!


Enjoy your day,


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