Fall, Fair, and Fried Everything!

Hi friends!  How was your weekend?  {d&k} had a fantastic weekend!!  And, lucky for you, I took lots of photos.  See, I’m always thinking about you!

So, let’s get on with the photo overload…

{d&k} went to a pumpkin patch to get a few pumpkins and to my surprise, they had a petting zoo!  YES!

A couple of longhorns. Except, their horns aren’t that long. Maybe they were babies?!

My new friend, sheep. He was very sweet and soft. I even made k pet him.

Some of our pumpkins!

After the pumpkin patch, we had lunch in Rockwall, overlooking the lake.

Next up, the state fair! Holy cow, this was the biggest fair I’ve ever been to. And, the amount of people there! Wow. They had anything and everything you could imagine…fried. For example, k tried a fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

I tried a few bites of it and it was amazing! I could not have eaten an entire sandwich like that, though. Too rich.

Then, we tried fried samoa girl scout cookies. Are you kidding? These are my favorite girl scout cookies!!

And, I had no idea we’d get 4 cookies! Bonus! These were delicious! However, I do not want any more fried food for at least 3 months.

The fair also had the best petting zoo I’ve ever been to. Yes, I’ve been to a ton. And, this was the second petting zoo in one day. Bonus! Here are just a few of the animals that we petted (and, I’m pretty sure I petted every single one of them).

Yep, that’s right….a baby giraffe!

Yep, that’s right….a kangaroo and 2 babies! I actually didn’t pet these guys. They didn’t seem to want to get up from posing for photos.

A zebra! More shocking is k petting a zebra! He won’t even touch my parent’s mini donkeys or horses. And, he just kept saying, “How cool is this!?” Go k, go!

There were baby goats galore! They were so, so cute. And, there were 2 very tiny guys that would have fit into my purse perfectly. K said no. But, he was okay smuggling out a zebra. Really, k?!

Look at that cute little baby llama! He was a feisty little thing and was running right into the other baby, trying to get him to play. When that didn’t work, he went to the pen next to his and had a stare down with a very large ostrich.

Look! K is feeding an alpaca! That fried pb&j must have made him feel invincible. He never gets that close to an animal’s mouth. Not even our own.

There were so many more animals I didn’t get pictures of. If you are ever in Texas during the state fair, you have to go. Just for the petting zoo. I mean, come on, is there anything better?!

Well, there you have it. That’s what we did last weekend. I hope you enjoyed the photos! Stayed tuned for another issue of Random Photos Found on my Phone and Oskar’s sleep habits.

Enjoy your day,


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