We’re still here!

{d&k} are still here!  Sorry for the lack of blog updates.  But, we did have a reason.

There was an incident.

A bad one.

Last Tuesday, {d&k} were getting ready to take the pups on a walk.  We normally go out the back door and down our driveway.  Well, this particular day, we were having a new roof put on our house so the backyard was off-limits due to roofing debris.  So, we took the pups out the front door.  We were just a few steps off the porch, the pups were sniffing our trees and bushes around the porch, when the neighbor dogs came over to say hi.  Well, these dogs get loose from their backyard on a daily basis because the neighbor won’t spend the money to have her fence properly fixed.  And, just about every other day, I end up returning the dogs to her and she has no idea they were even out.  How?  How do you not know 3 of your 6 dogs are loose (yes, I think she is a hoarder).

So, since our pups were leashed and the neighbors were not, we decided the best thing would be to let them all sniff each other instead of pulling ours away and causing a scene.  Boy were we wrong.

All of a sudden one of the neighbor dogs lunged at Uma and that’s when all hell broke loose.  I’m not even sure what happened, where the noises were coming from, what dog was attaching who.  It was awful.  And, at this point, I’ve tried to block it from my memory.

All I remember is trying to get 2 of the neighbor dogs off of Elvis.  I was kicking them, pulling their collars, but they had him in their mouths and wouldn’t drop him.  It was so terrible.  It’s painful just thinking about it.

Eventually, we were able to get Elvis free.  K spooked the dogs back to their yard.  I scooped up Elvis and the other dogs and took them inside.  There was blood everywhere!  We immediately decided that Elvis had to go to the emergency room.  So we loaded him into the car and drove as fast as we could.  I was holding him on my lap, applying pressure to the worst of the wounds (I didn’t have enough hands to cover all of them), while he whimpered.  It was awful.

Meanwhile, we had just thrown the other 2 pups in our house and left and we were worried they would be panicked over what just happened.  We called our friend to come over and check on them.  K also called the police and animal control.

Once at the emergency vet, they took Elvis in and looked him over.  After he was out of my arms, we realized I had been bit!  On my hand. Great.

The vet comes out to tell us that Elvis will need lots of stitches and they would have to sedate him to make sure he didn’t tear any muscles.  We had to leave him overnight.

Next stop, emergency room for me.  Joy.  I’m not sure if you know this or not but I am terrified of doctors and I instantly start crying.  I’m worried they are going to hurt me and I didn’t want them touching my hand.  This was traumatic.  But, I ended up only crying a little bit, mainly because I was giving my male nurse a hard time for not giving me the play-by-play of what he was doing and for spilling water all over my pants.

So, the dog bit me between my pinky and ring finger.  Ouch.  And, it turns out that they don’t give stitches for dog bites (thank God) because of all the bacteria and infection.  So, I had to have it cleaned out really good, ouch, and then bandaged up, ouch, and a splint put on to keep me from bending my pinky and ring finger to ensure the super deep cut heals.  Oh, and it is on my right hand.  I am, of course, right-handed.  Lovely.

We then had to go and get my prescription and get food.  Because at this point, it is almost 10pm and all this happened at around 6.  In the car, on our way to get food, is when it hits me.  I start crying.  I feel awful that I let that happen to us, especially little, helpless, 20 pound Elvis.

After all that we finally headed home.  I knew there was a lot of blood in the house from when I brought Elvis in before we took him to the ER vet.  Well, I was not prepared for how much blood.  It was everywhere! On the floor, on the walls, the front door, the kitchen cabinets.  Everywhere.  So, we spent the next half hour cleaning it up and disinfecting.  And then we noticed fresh blood.

Apparently Uma had been bitten also.  Our friend that stopped over to check on them while we were in the ERs (human and animal) didn’t notice any blood on Uma.  We think she was excited to see us and once she started jumping that caused her to start bleeding again.  She had a bunch of teeth marks on her back leg and the 3 worst bites we couldn’t get to stop bleeding.  We had to use a lot of band aids and keep her from licking it the whole night.

The next morning we had to go and pick up Elvis from the ER vet.  He had two wounds that needed stitches, 8 in one and 1 in the other.  He also had internal stitches because he had muscles that were torn.  The poor guy looked awful and it took everything I had in me not to cry.  He sat on my lap the whole way home and whimpered.  As soon as we got him home, K turned right back around and took Uma to the vet.  They weaseled her in and had to bandage up her leg to keep them from bleeding.  She hobbled around on it for a few days and now she’s back to racing in the backyard.  Oh, and she decided that it was time for the bandage to come off on Monday.  She didn’t need my help at all.

Elvis is doing much better now.  He’s finally finished with the 2 medications for swelling and infection.  The vet sent him home with pain meds too, and he’s still taking those.  His wounds are healing nicely and he’ll go back to the vet next week to have the stitches removed.  For now, though, he can’t be his normal, hyper self.  He has to take it easy.  Limited walking, no running, no jumping, no stairs.  He has to be crated at night and when we leave, which he hates.  I also have to carry him outside since there is a step.  We have a little system down.  I stand behind him and put my arm under his tail and he sort of falls backwards into my arms.  He gives a little growl every time, as if he’s reminding me that he has stitches.  Just a warning growl, mom.

We also had to call animal control on our neighbor’s dogs to make sure they are up to date on their shots.  I really don’t want rabies.  They are in quarantine right now and we’ll find out soon if they are up to date.  We also filed a claim with our neighbor’s insurance.  They will be covering all of my medical bills and all of our vet bills for the pups.  Which is great considering how much this has cost us already.

So, that has been our week from hell.  I can tell you that we have done nothing else the last week except care for the pups.  So, I have nothing exciting to report to you.  We do have a pretty fun weekend coming up, and we need it.  I’ll make sure I take plenty of pictures and I’ll have exciting things to write about next time.

Please keep Elvis in your prayers for a speeding recovery.  He wants and needs to get back to his spunky self soon!


Enjoy your day,



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