Unbreakable….or not.


Turns out, k is very, very breakable.

Take his hand, for example.

K’s hand (well, actually pinky finger) is very, very breakable.

Exhibit A:

We’ll leave out the how and why of this story, to protect k’s innocence (or major lapse in judgement) and just get on to the best day ever…

When k got his cast on!  Hehehe.  I was there.  To document.  EVERYTHING.

Now, it was all k’s fault for breaking his hand.  No one else played any part in this.  So, until he learns his lesson, he needs some sort of punishment for breaking his hand (the actual broken hand is not punishment since he caused that himself).  I would never ever wish pain on k, so I wish itches upon him.  That’s right. I hope his hand itches inside that cast.  I think that would be enough punishment for me to not break my hand ever again.  (And, the punishment is not so that he won’t break a bone, it is so that he won’t do the stupid thing that caused him to break the bone anymore).

And, a quick thanks to Alex, the nurse, for  being such a good sport in all the photos!!

It has also been really fun making fun of k.  For example:
{k} – I don’t want a cast!  I’ve never broken a bone before.  I thought I was unbreakable!!
{d} – Did you learn your lesson?
{k} – Yes.
{d} – Pinky swear.  Oh wait…
{k} – You’re mean.

{d} – We need to come up with a better story of how you broke your hand.
{k} – So, I was doing a handstand…
{d} – And a raccoon came into the gym.
{k} – Yes.  And the raccoon took out my arm and my other arm collapsed under the weight of my muscles.
{d} – Come on, it has to be believable.  Take out the muscles part.

Feel free to chime in!  Like I said, he needs “punishment.”

So, there you have it.  K broke his hand and now has a cast.  And, he’s trying to not ask for help.  It’s pitiful watching him try to button up a shirt or unscrew the cap on a water bottle.  But, he does not want any help.  He can do it.  Or so he says.  Only two more weeks with the cast on.  I do not want to be around when that thing comes off.  It is going to smell so bad!  Especially after k spilled a bucket of pickle juice on it.  Oh, and it’s been in the high 90s here and we’ve been outside a lot.  Oh man.

Enjoy your day,


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