The Voice is BACK!

That’s right.  K, aka the voice, is back!

For those of you that don’t know, before we moved to the Big D, k sort of ruled the microphone in good old T-town.  He was the public address announcer for the University of Toledo Men’s & Women’s basketball and football and for the Toledo Mud Hens baseball team.  He also did a lot of announcing for the high school he used to work for, and even got called up to the “big leagues” to announce Detroit Tiger’s baseball games and a Detroit Lion’s football game.

K is kind of a big deal, people.

Haha, that’s hard to say without laughing.  K will even admit that.

But, in all honesty, he’s fantastic at what he does and he’s worked very hard to get there.

Well, after moving down here, he decided to take a little break from announcing and get his free time back.  Football and basketball aren’t too time-consuming, but baseball is ridiculous!  He was never home!

After almost a year off, he is back at it!  K is the announcer/emcee for SMU (Southern Methodist University)!!  He had his first game of the season on Saturday and he did a great job.  He had a ton of fun and he’s so happy he’s back at it again.  His game this weekend is against Texas A&M…so exciting!!  This is a huge game and the exposure will be so good for him (and his voice).  Go buddy, go!!

Congratulations, k!  The zoo and I are so proud of you!  Now, stop talking for a bit and save your voice 😉

Enjoy your day,


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