Road trip, giant flea market, and tiny fists

What do all these have in common?

Well, it’s what {d&k} did on Sunday.

{d&k} took a little road trip to Canton, TX, home of the biggest flea/antique market I’ve ever been too.  We were on the hunt for a new office chair (something along the lines of an upholstered wing back).  We wandered around for hours, browsing all the shops and booths.  We also had a fantastic time people watching!  Although, we didn’t see any fanny packs.  I was a little disappointed.  I thought for sure a giant flea market would bring out the fanny packs.  Maybe it was due to the 106 degree temperature.  Maybe in the fall.

Anyways, back on topic….

We did not find a chair, but we did score some other goodies and had a ton of fun (even though it was sooooo hot out).

Here are my goodies!  3 burlap bags and a chalkboard!  I’m pretty pleased with my cute finds.  Wait until you see them in the office!

Here’s just a small look at the flea market:

I can’t wait to go back when it’s not so hot. I could spend all day there browsing the booths and shops. Plus, it was difficult to really browse because I was only there for 1 thing, my desk chair. So I was always on the lookout for that. Next time, no plans, just wandering and browsing.


Onto the tiny fists…
I’m not sure what brought this up, but somehow while driving to Canton, {d&k} were talking about punching each other (this is totally a normal conversation for us) and d said that if you punch something smaller, like the kidneys, you have to use tiny fists.
Then d decides to show k what that would look like:

Normal fists

Tiny fists
See the difference?
The tiny fists get into smaller places. This is just a FYI, in case you ever have to punch someone in the kidneys, or another small organ.
And yes, k took those pictures of me while driving. I do not condone this. I’m actually impressed how well the photos turned out because he was looking at the road the entire time. This also may have been right after we passed 3 state troopers, so taking his eyes off the road would have been bad.




So see, the title of the post totally makes sense now.  And, you learned something new today.  How to punch with tiny fists.  You’re welcome.



Enjoy your day,






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