K always has to be the center of attention…


K is always the center of attention.  He’s good at it too.  And, he’s pretty funny.  (Just a little.  We can’t make him think he’s really funny because then it will go to his head.)



{d&k} had a date night on Wednesday.  We went out to eat (Olive Garden, thanks to a birthday gift card from my parents) and to see a Second City show in downtown Big D.


The show was hilarious!  There was not as much audience participation and improve as I thought there would be, but it was still very funny.  There was a skit in the middle of the show where the comedians went around interviewing audience members as if they just left a voting booth for the election.  They slowly made their way around the theater, asking people questions and then making fun of them for their answers.


Well, guess who they stopped at next?  Yep, k.


They asked him some “election” questions.  Laughed a bit.  Then the comedian asked k was his sign was.  K’s reply, “Yield.”  Nerd.  Everyone laughed.  K’s face turned red.


Then, the comedian said they were going to play a word association game.  He said he would say a word and k would have to say the first thing he thinks of.  The comedian said, “Unicorns.”  K said, “Yes.”  What?!  Nerd.  Everyone laughed.  K’s face turned a brighter shade of red.


The comedian finally finished up with him and then the other comedians jumped in on making fun of k a little more.  He was such a good sport!  It was very funny!  And, I am so thankful that k was on the end of the aisle and not me!!


They also had a ton of skits making fun of chain restaurants, like Applebee’s, Chili’s, and you guessed it, Olive Garden.  I thought that was especially funny since we had eaten there right before!


So, {d&k} had a great date night!  And, it was super cheap.  We used a gift card on dinner.  The tickets were Pay What You Can tickets, which are tickets that you basically get to name your price.  Some shows allow an entire night of PWYC tickets, or some just use them to fill seats.  So, I paid $4.00 for 2 tickets (some people get them for a penny!  I didn’t want to seem too cheap, incase we buy again in the future.  They might remember me!!).  The most expensive part of the night was parking for $10.  I love cheap date nights!!



Have you had any good date nights lately?  Oh, you need a sitter?  Well, I have two very capable pugs that absolutely love children! They also offer the Pay What You Can option.  Usually in the form of dog treats.  They will be waiting by the phone for your call.  But, just a word of advice….hide any of your kid’s stuffed animals.  Elvis does bad, bad things to stuffed animals.



Enjoy your day,
















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