A little too comfortable


Uma, the greyhound, has been getting a little too comfortable on the couch.


Every morning, the pups wake up around 6am to go outside and eat breakfast.  After that, they want to go back to bed.  So, the pugs come back to the bedroom with me and Uma stays in the family room.  I usually wait for her to lay down in her bed before I go back to my bedroom.


Once I get up for the day, I take the pugs out to the family room with me, and I always find the same thing…


Uma hopping off the couch.


Now, this may not seem like  big deal, but the pups are not allowed on the couches.  I hate cleaning off dog fur, so they’ve been banned.  But, Uma thinks that if we are not around, she can hop on the couch whenever she wants.  Sneaky giant greyhound.


K told me he caught her on the couch one morning last week and she tried to tip-toe off the couch.  She wouldn’t even make eye contact with him, her head down in shame.  If I can’t see dad, dad can’t see me.  


I can picture her now…laying in the corner of the sectional couch, on all the comfy pillows.  Belly up.  All four paws stretched out in the air.  Head back.  Eyes closed.  Snoring.  And her tongue sticking, just barely, out of her mouth.  ON MY COUCH.


I’ve tried to get her to come back into the bedroom with the pugs and me in the morning, but instead, she walks over to her bed and plops down, letting out this ridiculously loud sigh and closing her eyes.  Once she’s down, there is no way of moving her.


We are at the point now, that when we spot her on the couch, all we do is gasp really loud and she hops off and scrambles over to her bed and quickly plops down in it.


I don’t know why she doesn’t want to lay in her own bed.  It’s way nicer than my bed.  And definitely nicer than the couch.  She is spoiled, I know.  I think she doesn’t want us to have nice things.  She’s claiming them all.  Is that what it means when I catch her using a pug as a pillow?  Mine.  This one’s mine too.  Ooh, and that one.  Mine.


We have a toddler in greyhound form.


Do your pups think they owe everything in your house?  Sneaky little animals.



Enjoy your day,















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