It’s that time of year again…



Yes, that’s right.  It’s my birthday.  I don’t really care too much about my birthday.  It happens once a year.  I’m not all princessy-like and want the world to revolve around me, where everyone treats me special, and makes a big deal about it.  I don’t like surprises and I hate opening presents in front of people.  I would prefer to just hang out with friends and family, have a cookout or go out to eat, and call it a day.  Just like any other day.  I feel bad for k, though.  He likes birthdays.  He likes surprising me (or trying too…I’m sort of hard to surprise).  Sorry, k!


Plus, it doesn’t help that this year I turn the big 3-0, dun, dun, dunnnnnn.  Last year I turned 28 again.  I was considering turning 29 this year (again), but then I thought a little more about it and I’m okay with being 30.  I don’t feel 30.  I don’t think I look 30 (wahoo!).  So, why not be 30 and laugh at the shocked faces when someone asks how old I am?!  Ahem, now is when you act shocked.  Thanks.

And, I’m pretty proud of my life so far.  The last 29 years have been pretty good.  I’m looking forward to what my 30s will bring!

So, today I am 30.  Happy birthday to me.  And, now we move on.  Back to normal.  No big deal.



Enjoy your day! And, if today is your birthday, Happy Birthday!!



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