Vacation Photos, Take 2

There was an incident.

On the beach.

It was not a pretty sight.


Ok, ok it was not an “incident.”  But, it was on the beach and it was not a pretty sight.

We went crabbing one morning.  I’ve never been crabbing before.  Have you?  No?  Ok, well let me give you a little run-down of what to expect.
1.  Sign up at the Ranger Station.
2.  Meet the Ranger at the sound.  Listen carefully to instructions.  Get excited to catch crabs (hehe, I couldn’t resist).
3.  Wait in line for a net and weird stick-string-hook contraption from Ranger.
4.  Walk to sound, pumping yourself up for crabbing.
5.  Pose for photo.

6.  Decide who will hold the net and who will control the line.
7.  Have the Ranger bait your hook.  Our bait consisted of a chicken neck.  Yep, you heard that correctly.  A chicken NECK.  Ew. Apparently crabs love them some raw chicken neck.  No judgement here.  When you crave something, you crave something.
8.  Unwind your stick-string-hook-chicken neck contraption and throw it into the water.
9.  Wait.
10.  Wait.
11.  While you’re waiting, you will get attacked by small crabs.  We are pretty sure they were attracted to my toe nail polish.  Yes, that was my goal while getting a pedicure.  What color would you like?  Hmmm, I don’t know.  Maybe something that attracts annoying little crabs with GIANT pinchers.  Do you have that?!  Why yes, yes we do.  Great! I’ll take it!
12.  When you feel a little tug on your line, that means a crab found your chicken neck and you have to slowly reel him in, as to not spook him.  Once you’ve reeled him in far enough, the netter (aka, ME) has to try to scoop him up without spooking him.  If you succeed, this is what you get:

13.  Celebrate!  Operation Remove-Crab-From-Water-Without-Getting-Pinched successful.
14.  Now, wait for the Ranger to come over and remove the crab from your net.  When the Ranger asks, do you want to hold the crab.  The answer is no.  It’s always no.  Otherwise, this will happen:

That’s right.  I was scared to death of that little thing.  I thought it was going to pinch me.  And those pinchers are big!  I think I piddled a little, I was so spooked.  Good thing my shorts were already wet.  Close one!  Crisis averted.

I think I was the only one that was this terrified (well, at least caught on camera).  But, k didn’t touch a single crab.  Baby.


So, if you’ve learned anything from today’s post, it should be to be extremely careful while crabbing.  Those puppies have big pinchers and are not afraid to use them.  And, lesson #2, if the Ranger asks if you want to hold it, what is your answer?  NO.  The answer is always no.  Do not try to be brave and show off for your hubby, especially if you know there is no way he’d ever hold a crab.  Got it?  Good.


And yes, there are still MORE vacation pictures on the way.  You.are.welcome.


Enjoy your day & try not to catch crabs,


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