They’re Here!! They’re Here!!


That’s right…my bestest, her hubby, and their little man are in the Big D for the weekend.  I will post pictures next week.  But, you know what those photos will be of, don’t you?  Food.  Food.  And more food.  Maybe a few pictures of our adventures.  Probably a few more of the little man.  But mainly food.  See, I’m just giving you all a reason to come visit {d&k} in the Big D.  We will bribe you with food.  You will gain weight.  Deal.


Is it sad that my life revolves around food?  I don’t think it is but I’m wondering what others think.  I like to eat.  I like to think about what I’m going to eat next.  And, I like to try new recipes and restaurants.  Sue me.  Anyone else out there like me?  Come on.  I can’t be alone in my quest to find the perfect turkey burger.  Can I?  Anyone?  I know k is with me.  His mission in life is to find the best reuben.  So far, oddly enough, it is at a little Irish dive in a tiny town in Michigan.  Can k please get a good reuben in Dallas?!  Anyone?!



Ok, enough about food.  Now I’m hungry.  Great.




Check back, there are more vacation photos on the way.  And, stop back next week to see what we’re up to this weekend.



Enjoy your day,










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