Vacation Photos, Take 1

Happy Thursday, y’all!  Yep, that’s right.  I live in Texas, therefore I can use y’all on a regular basis and not get made fun of for it.  Did you hear that?!  NOT get made fun of for it.

I have lots and lots of vacation photos for you.  We had such a fantastic time that it was hard to narrow the photos down.  You’re such loyal {d&k} followers, I want to show you everything.  You are welcome.







Our vacation was filled with beach days, sand, salt water, fresh air, and family.

We spent time on the beach everyday.  Reading, kite-flying, boogie-boarding, burying Colby in the sand, napping, laughing, and of course, drinking (have you met my family?!).



We made lots of sand castles and sculptures.  By “we” I mean everyone else and I just took pictures.


We watched the sun set and caught a sunrise on our last day, as we were leaving the island on the ferry.  We were sad to go, but the sunrise made it a little better.




Stayed tuned.  More photos to come.  Including a very funny photo of me holding a crab.  K, you’re lucky I’m posting this.  I thought that since you are such a good sport and let me post any picture I want of you, the least I could do is post this photo.  Yes, it really is that bad.



Enjoy your day,











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