Random Phone Photos

Are you prepared for this?  The random photos that I find on my phone make even me a little nervous.  You never know what I will take photos of.

Yes, we are too old to be at a kid’s jump-y place.  Yes, we had a great time.  And yes, we were sore the next day.  But, let me tell you how excited I was to know that this, almost 30-year-old, can still do a front flip and toe-touches, thankyouverymuch.


Yes, I gave myself and my greyhound a pedicure.  Yes, this is totally wrong.  Actually, this picture should fall into the Inappropriate or Awesome post, because it is totally inappropriate AND awesome at the same time.  And yes, she loves her pretty paws!


Jenga is my least favorite game.  Ever.  I hate the noise it makes when it falls.  And, I hate being spooked.  Giant-sized bar jenga might possibly be the worst invention ever.  Damn you giant-sized bar jenga creators.  We will never be friends.  (I do have to add that I won that game.  K made it fall.  I win, giant-size bar jenga, I win!)


T and I bought pool floats.  We may not have quite understood 20 inch size.  They were basically adult floaties.  Well, now we know.


Did something attack {d&k} in the middle of the night?  Were we sleeping with wild animals?  Why do we sleep so violently?  This is what our bed looks like each morning.  What happens in the middle of the night?


Well, I hope you enjoyed these random photos found on my phone.  Most of the time, I can’t even remember why I took the photo.  I’m surprised I was able to explain these for you.  Do you have random, unexplainable photos on your phone?  Or am I the only one?


Enjoy your day,






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