Come to me, my little javelinas!

Javelina. Hav-a-lina.  A cute, little pig-like animal found in Arizona State Parks.  I’m sure they are found other places, but I spotted my first one in an Arizona State Park.  I’m in love.  They are so cute!  I heard they may be a little dangerous, but I mean, what wild animal isn’t.  That’s okay though.  I just want to pet him.  I think he may like it.

Anyways, I’ll come back to my new friend in a minute.

I just got back from my last-minute, weekend trip to Phoenix to visit T.  We had a fantastic time!  I am beginning to love cheap, last-minute trips!!  If I can find flights this cheap, I will take a trip to Phoenix every month!

Since it was raining in Phoenix on Friday, we decided to get out of the city and headed north to a state park for a hike.  Once we arrived, we grabbed a map and a brochure of the wildlife we’d possibly see along they way and set out.  I immediately started looking in the brochure for wildlife I secretly hoped we’d run across and there he was.  In the middle of the page.  Looking very handsome.  My new friend, the javelina.  Well hello there, pig-like peccary who munches on plants and bugs.  We will soon be friends.

I also spotted a bobcat, big-horned mountain sheep, gila monster, and an elk on the brochure.  I may have mentioned out loud, several times that I wanted to see all of these.  Well, maybe not the gila monster.  Ew.  Anyways, we were pulling up to the trail parking lot and as soon as we turned the corner, guess what we saw?!  Go on, guess!

That’s right…JAVELINAS!!!!!  Two of them.  Standing there.  Eating grass.  I built you up for a lot more than just eating grass, didn’t I.  Well, I thought it was very exciting.

So, T and I scream and get very worked up at their cuteness and run out of the car to take pictures.  We run right up to them, maybe about 20 feet separating us.  Then we realize that we are pretty close to wild, pig-like animals and slowly start to back up.  I wonder how fast they can run?  I’m not a very fast runner, so there is a huge chance a wild pig could outrun me.

Anyways, we get our pictures, talk to them a bit, then set off on our hike.  Then, I realize that I had asked to see a bobcat and gila monster too.  Whomever I asked must have been listening since we just saw two javelinas, so I start screaming that we don’t want to see bobcats and gila monsters.  No bobcats and gila monsters.  NO BOBCATS AND GILA MONSTERS!!

I was really hoping to see a bighorn mountain sheep.  No such luck.  They were probably at the top of the mountain, mocking all the humans below.

We enjoyed our hike the rest of the afternoon.  It was pretty hot and humid that day.  The trail itself was pretty short, but since it was so hot, we had to take a few breaks.  On our way out of the park, we stopped to see how our javelinas were doing and there was still one there, eating grass.  I decided he would be mine and I named him Javier.  Seems fitting.  It took all I had to not grab him, stuff him in the backseat, and seat belt him in.  He would make a nice pet.  Don’t you think?


Meet Javier.  Isn’t he cute?!

Me, taking a picture of T, taking a picture of Javier…just so you can see how close we were to a wild animal.  In the wild.  Not in a zoo.  I love it!

T – I had a great time visiting you!  Thanks for having me and I can’t wait to do it again soon.  We have so many other places to hike and explore and many, many wild animals to discover!


Thanks for stopping by!  And, if you ever get the chance, go to Arizona and visit Javier.  Her likes visitors!





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