Happy Birthday!


Look at that cute, little face!  Happy Birthday, Elvis!

Elvis is our only animal that we know the date of his birth.  We know that Uma was born in November 2005 and that Charlie was born in January 2006, but we don’t know the exact day.  So, we just sort of celebrate their birthdays some time during those months.  We don’t know when Oskar’s birthday is, but we adopted him in April, so we celebrate then.  And as for Sebastian, who knows!  We aren’t even sure how old he is, hehe.  We only know that he is giant and will keep getting bigger.  Yay!  I love giant, dog-like cats!  I’m hoping he’ll surpass mountain lion size and start to scare the neighborhood children.  Hey, everyone has goals.  This is mine.  Don’t judge.

Back to Elvis!

We do know Elvis’ birthday:  July 3, 2006.  So we celebrate!  Our doggy birthday celebrations usually include vanilla ice cream for the pups, accompanied by a brain freeze (They don’t understand how to stop eating ice cream.  They have this in common with k). And this year we’ll probably take them to our new, favorite dog park with the pond.  They love, love, love to swim!  I think that sounds like a pretty great birthday.  Maybe that’s what I’ll do for my birthday…eat ice cream and swim.  Maybe at the same time.  Hey, it’s my birthday and I can do what I want!  (K, take note of this.)


Happy birthday to Elvis and to all of you out there who are celebrating today!!  Especially Elvis’ brother, Presley!  Happy birthday, Presley!!

Enjoy your day,



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