45 mph Couch Potato

Yes, that’s the nickname for retired greyhounds.  That is exactly like Uma.  A very, very fast-when-she-wants-to-be, lazy, sneak-up-on-the-couch-when-your-not-looking, couch potato.  That’s my girl!

So, retired greyhounds love to lay around.  Usually on something soft, like the couch (too bad Uma is not allowed on ours, which doesn’t seem to stop her).  They also love to run.  But, only on their terms.  Which they should have terms.  I mean, they spend the first 3-7 years of their life racing and being treated poorly.  I think at this stage in their lives, they should want to run.

So, where am I going with this story?

Well, it turns out, Uma loves to run.  She’ll sprint in the backyard, from corner to corner, hockey-stopping in each corner to turn and run back, taking out pugs and sticks that get in her way.  Occasionally, she’ll run into me if I’m not quick enough to get out of her path.  Who needs knees?!

Then, there are the days where we forget to close the back gate and Uma takes a little stroll through the neighborhood.  Now, the pugs get out too, but they don’t get very far.  Short legs and all.  And, we can usually distract them by shouting “treat” or “wanna go to grandma’s.”  But when Uma is out, she’s in her own little world and just wants to run.  The past few times this has happened, we’ve only found her because she walked into a neighbor’s backyard and couldn’t find her way out (greyhounds are not very smart).

So, on Saturday, {d&k} and KT went to the pool.  We left through the backyard and back gate and left it open because we would be back in an hour or so.  Well, we decided to enter through the front door this time.  And, we immediately went to let the pups out into the backyard.  Oops.  Well, about a minute too late, KT sees that the back gate is open and all dogs are gone.  Great.

And, the search begins.  K takes off after Uma on foot.  I grab the car and KT stays in the front yard in case she comes back (which is highly unlikely).  I lose k and just start driving through the neighborhood, calling Uma’s name.  I swing by the house twice to see if KT has seen Uma or k.  Nothing.  And, of course, none of us grabbed our phones.  I decide to head over to the park to see if she wandered over there and as soon as I cross the street, I see k walking a very tired Uma back towards our house.

Poor k.  He chased her all over the neighborhood and was about 10 feet behind her the whole time but couldn’t catch up to her.  She led him though the back alleys (where we all keep the garbage cans) and through people’s yards.  And, since he was wearing flip-flops and couldn’t run in them, he kicked them off and ran barefoot (we’ll come back to this brilliant part of the story).  So k and Uma were in pretty rough shape when they got back.  Uma was probably gone for at least a half hour.  A greyhound can get pretty far in that amount of time.

The rest of the morning, k and Uma laid around, panting.  Yes, both of them.  K’s feet also hurt from running barefoot, through alleys.  That’s one way to start off a Saturday morning!

Back to k’s flip-flops…

So, after k and Uma get back, k tells us that he kicked his flip-flops off on a corner.  A corner?  Yes, that’s correct.  K didn’t remember what corner.  He thought he knew one of the roads, but wasn’t sure the crossroad.  KT volunteered to go look for the flip-flops.  After being gone quite a while, k went out looking for KT.  (Do you see a pattern for the day?!)  They both return with no flip-flops.  K then takes my car out to look for them.  He, again, returns empty-handed.  We decide that the flip-flops are gone for good.  Maybe someone stole them.  Maybe someone didn’t have shoes and this was their lucky day.  Maybe two kids are now using them as swords (have you see the size of k’s shoes?!).  Who knows.  But, I like to think those super-cute, very comfy, North Face flip-flops are in a better place.

K, why didn’t you just carry the flip-flops with you?  They weigh all of 6 oz.  You could have easily held on to them while running.  Right?!  But, instead, he kicked them off and pouted all day yesterday because he didn’t have any flips flops to wear.

So, yesterday we were on a mission to find him new flip-flops.  After a lot of searching and k becoming more and more discouraged, we found him 2 new pairs!  Congratulations, k!  He was only going to buy 1 pair.  I made him get both pairs.  With his luck, we’ll be providing very nice pairs of flip-flops for every household in the neighborhood.  Keep them on your feet, k!

So, that was our weekend.  How exciting!  And, I’m sure, entertaining for you.  How was your weekend?

Thanks for stopping by!  Enjoy your day,


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