I’m Baaaaaaaack!!

I’m back!

Back to Dallas.

Back to blogging.

I’m so sorry about the last month.  I was super busy and between working in the office, coordinating 4 weddings, and all the driving I was doing (I’m not used to driving from the country into the “city” — it takes for-ev-er), blogging fell behind.

But, I’m back now and I have lots to share with you!


Let’s start with the drive back to the big D and then, over the next week I’ll fill you in on all the things I did and people I saw while in Ohio & Michigan.  Sound like a plan?  Good!


The drive back to Dallas had been planned for a while and we knew that we were taking KT’s car.  So, then came the fun part (for KT) trying to figure out what she wanted to pack, since we only had a 4 door car to work with and we had to leave room for the 2 of us and Gabby-the-cat.  Oh, and I should mention that I had 2 large suitcases.  Oops.  I didn’t quite think that through when I packed for a month.  Don’t judge.  A month is a long time, people.  And, I’m a girl.  That means lots of shoes, thankyouverymuch.

So, once we determined what to bring, the next step was getting it to fit in the car.  It was the worst game of Tetris evah!  But, we won!  We are the car Tetris champions!!  This is mostly due to Space Bags.  Have you heard of them?  If not, you HAVE to try them.  They are amazing.  See for yourself:

Here, we have 2 full size pillows.  Prepare to be amazed…

Same 2 pillows in a much more manageable size!  I think we will be using these bags for vacation!
(I, in no way, benefit from recommending Space Bags.  I just wanted to let you in on a new little packing secret!)

Ok, so now that the car was packed, all we had left to do was give Gabby-the-cat her “sleeping” pill and we were off.  We did the majority of the driving the first day, leaving about 7 hours for us to finish up on the second day.  This time around was much easier since we stopped overnight.  I don’t think I will want to drive straight through ever again.  We also took a different route this time because Ohio is such a long state and I didn’t want to drive through it.  Instead, we headed west to Indiana, though part of Illinois, Missouri, and then the long part of the trip was through Arkansas.  We drove about 130 miles in to Arkansas before we called it a night on day 1.  We stayed in a little town in Arkansas and, of course, had to smuggle the cat into the hotel.  It was either stay at the Hampton Inn or stay next door at the Bates Motel with the outside entrances and risk our lives just to be able to take the cat in directly to the room.  We choose the Hampton Inn cat extraction plan – aka, option 1.  We were quite pleased with ourselves after scoping out the hotel, dropping a load off in the room, then sneakily, Mission Impossible style, ran around the outside perimeter of the hotel looking for another entrance that was close to our room.  Thankfully, our room was almost to the end of a wing and on the 2nd level, far from the front desk.  We were also close to a stairwell that led to a side door, which we conveniently parked next to.  And, to our benefit, Gabby-the-cat is black and KT just happened to have a black sweatshirt in the car.  Success!  We’ll just wrap the cat in the sweatshirt, load up my arms with bags and a pillow, and no one will ever know there is a teeny-tiny 7 pound cat in there too.  Success!  We made it into the hotel room and had ourselves a little party, complete with cat food and pizza!  (The cat food was for Gabby-the-cat, not us.  I think that was self-explanatory but sometimes you never know).

The next morning we had to do the same thing.  We did it the exact same way as the night before and cat extraction 2012 was successful!  Go us!  The weird thing was when we left the hotel side door and were rounding the corner to our car, we saw 3 black cats, all with white patches on their chests, along with 3 black and white cats, all sitting near our car.  It was bizarre.  Why were there so many cats?  Why did they all look-alike?  Why were they in sets of 3?  There are still so many unanswered questions!

I digress.  Back to the drive.  So, we determined every state we went through looked the same.  Corn fields.  Grain fields.  Fields upon fields.  I took pictures of each state, but honestly I’m not sure which state each is from because they all look the same.  It was very boring scenery.  We did get to cross the Mississippi River in Missouri, which was a highlight of the trip.  Neither of us had ever been to it before.  We had also never been to Missouri.  Again, not that exciting of a highlight, but one none the less.  And, answer this for me…Can you name another city in Arkansas besides Little Rock?  Me either!  I can now that I’ve driven through the state, but they are still not cities I’d heard of before driving through.  Weird.

I’m so far into this very random post and I honestly have no idea where I’m going with it.  Basically, we had a fun, uneventful, corn field filled, two-day trip with a drugged up cat.  How is that different from any other day here at {d&k}s blog?

I will leave you with a few pictures and some funny, random things heard while in the car with d & KT.

Beginning of the trip.  Still in Michigan and getting ready to leave on day 1.

I think this is Indiana.  Maybe Ohio.  Well, it could also be Illinois, Missouri, or Arkansas.  Basically this was our view for 18 hours.

The Mississippi River.


KT – Get your camera ready.  There’s a giant bunny on the side of the road!
{d} – What?!


{d} – WHAT?!?!
KT – Nevermind, it went behind a tree.


KT – …Alligators and swamps…
{d} – What?!


KT – I know you think they are scary, but bird flight patterns are fascinating.  They are so coordinated!
{d} – What?!


KT – LOOK!  Those trees look like cacti!
{d} – What?!


{KT} –  Wow, this city has an archaeological museum too!
{d} – Nope, same one…just an advertisement.


Do you see the pattern here?  KTs random yellings.  All happening while I was driving and I had no clue what she was talking about.  I’m pretty sure, aside from the bunny, these all happened in Arkansas.  Apparently that state makes KT  a little crazy.


I’m so happy to be back!  Back to Dallas.  Back to blogging.  I hope you are happy I’m back too!


Enjoy your day,









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