Country Livin’ Part 2

DW has a tractor.  D wanted to drive the tractor.  Let the games begin!



DW rode on the tractor the entire time.  Thankfully!  It was very difficult pushing the clutch in, knowing when to let off the gas to use the brake, and knowing how to turn without clipping the edges of things (you know, fences, trees, people, the usual).  It was also very difficult getting onto the tractor.  They don’t have running boards like trucks and SUVs do.  But, that is a great idea.  Hmmm, think I can patent tractor running boards?!  Any takers?!

And, I saved the best for last….
Here is a video k took of me driving the tractor.  I think it is hilarious because we are moving so slow (but it did not feel that slow while on it).


Don’t be jealous of my tractor driving skills.  Any one can do.  All you need is a tractor.  So, go find a tractor.  Drive it.  Laugh.  A lot.  And have some one video it.  Done.


Enjoy your day,


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