I’m here…

Hi friends!  So, sorry about being MIA all weekend.  I do have interesting things to post about, I swear.  It was just finding the time to post that seemed to be a problem. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day and a nice, long weekend!  {d&k} did!  We have been very, very busy since returning to Ohio.  K actually leaves today to head back to the big D, while d is staying in Ohio for a few more weeks for work.  Sniff.  I will miss k.  And, I already miss the entire zoo.  But, k and I plan to Face Time every night and he promised he’s show me each member of the zoo 🙂  Yes!!!  I can’t wait to see their little, squishy faces.

Anyways, the last week has been filled with catching up with family.  We’ve quickly realized that there is not enough time to see everyone and the time you do have never seems to be enough.  So, we made do with the time we did have and tried to squeeze in as much family time as possible. 

That also meant being in the car. A lot.  I’m not used to driving that much!  When we lived in Ohio, my office was in my neighborhood, less than a mile away.  And now, working from home in Dallas, I don’t really drive that much.  So, I feel as though the entire last week was spent in a car.  Oof.  But, thanks to my parents, we have had a car to zip around in.  It would have been a lot of walking, otherwise, hehe. 

I will be posting more this week and I have pictures for you also.  And, I have a special treat for you all…a video!  Just you wait.  It’s pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.

Thanks for sticking around, even though the posts have been pitiful lately.  I promise, this week there will be plenty of posts to keep you satisfied and entertained for days to come 🙂  You’re welcome!

Enjoy your day,


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