Do Not…



ever watch a movie called The Vow when you are already having an “emotional” day.

There will be tears.  Like, pouring out of your face, tears.

And sniffles.  Whoa, watch out for those sniffles.

And the zoo will start to look at you funny.  And tilt their little heads when you sniffle.  But they won’t want to cuddle, like they normally do when you are sad/sick/tired.  Oh no, they want as far away from the crazy lady with insane amounts of water and snot flowing from her face.  I mean, I don’t blame them.  It could mess up their fur.


So what I could see through the tears and hear over the sniffling, it seemed like a good movie.  Actually, it was a very good movie.  I new the story about the couple before watching the movie, which I think made the movie even more sad.  K picked this movie out because we had planned on going to see it when it first came out and never got the chance to.  I’m so glad I didn’t see it in the theater…can you imagine the people around me looking at me with tilted heads, wondering why there is so much snot and water coming out of my face?!  They would definitely not initiate a cuddle either.  Wow, dodged a bullet there.


So, overall, it was a very good movie.  Just don’t watch it while you are already emotional.  That’s just my warning.  Maybe watch it when you are on a I’m-gonna-take-over-the-world-day, or a I-feel-so-powerful-after-that-kickboxing-class-that-I-could-punch-through-my-refrigerator-and-pull-out-a-soda-day.  Just my suggestion.


Enjoy your day,




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