We haven’t had a countdown in awhile…

So it’s definitely time for another one!  Woohoo!

Here’s what {d&k} are looking forward to:

4 Days until k’s birthday! (Shhh, don’t tell him I’m telling you)

4 Days until Big E come to Dallas to visit

7 Days until {d&k} are back in Ohio (yay for visiting family & friends)

41 Days until KT moves to Dallas (yay!!)

50 Days until my favorite holiday – 4th of July!!!

67 Days until family vacation in Ocracoke (Outer Banks), North Carolina (oh yeah!  And I get to see those not-so-little nephews of mine, yay!)

Wow, we have a super fun summer planned!  I love when our calendar is full and we have things like these to look forward to!

What about you?  Any big plans this summer?  Want to add them to my countdown?

Enjoy your day,


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