Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, mothers-to-be, grandmothers, and fur-baby mothers (like me!).  I hope you had a lovely day yesterday!

{d&k} celebrated Mother’s Day by heading over to the lake and taking the pups on a nice long walk and swim.  They had a blast!  We decided that every Mother’s Day from now on, we will head out to the lake for a dog walk, a little dog swim, and a picnic.

K helped the zoo pick out a very sweet card for me yesterday and K surprised me with some wonderful fruit for breakfast (yum!).
Here’s the card…note the animals at the bottom…

K also surprised me by doing 3 loads of laundry!  I was amazed!  I banned K from the laundry years ago when he shrunk one of my dresses to pug-sized.  He definitely redeemed himself yesterday.  Welcome back to laundry duty, k!!  Congratulations!!

It was actually really funny…during his last load, he asked me to grab a bunch of hangers for him.  I saw that he had all of his dress shirts thrown over his shoulder and I said to just put them on the laundry basket and we could put them away later.  He said they were still wet and he wanted to hang them up to dry.  I asked if he usually hangs his shirts up and he said that he didn’t know because he doesn’t do laundry.  Hah.  I said that I’ve never hung them up, I always dry them.  Haha.  Into the dryer they went!

So, you may thing {d&k} are nuts for celebrating Mother’s Day (and Father’s Day) because we don’t have real kids.  But, to us, our fur-babies are our kids.  They are our babies and we do everything with them or for them.  We take care of them, walk them, feed them, cuddle with them, all in return for their unconditional love, no matter what.  I’d say that’s worth it.  I know they love us, when, after doing something wrong and getting yelled at, they still get excited when you call them up for a cuddle.  Uma has learned that k usually won’t acknowledge her until he’s been home for at least 10 minutes.  So, she stands right by him and waits.  Once it’s time, she nuzzles his leg until he pets her.  She loves welcoming him home from work everyday.  Oskar knows he is my baby and, shhhh don’t tell the others, but he is my favorite.  He knows this because he will not leave my side.  Yesterday, I was in the bedroom with all 3 dogs and k yelled that it was time to go for a walk.  Uma and Elvis took off towards k and Oskar just stood next to me, waiting patiently for me, and then we walked to the back door together.  These are their special little ways of letting us know they love us.  It’s deeper than the jump-up-to-greet-you-when-you-come-home love and the I‘m-gonna-like-your-face-any-chance-I-get love.

Like I said, you might think we’re crazy, and that’s okay.  But we love our fur-babies and with that comes celebrating these holidays.


Enjoy your day,


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