Over the weekend, {d&k} hosted a Cinco de Mayo par-tay at the {d&k} casa.  We had a blast!  And all of the folks that attended had a blast.  I mean, come on…you’re hanging out with {d&k}….how can you not have a blast?!?  Right?!  RIGHT?!?!?


{d&k} went all out for this par-tay.  d made 4 different kinds of margaritas (maybe if you’re nice I’ll post the recipes) and assorted snacks.  We even had decorations and yard games.  That’s right.  We are awesome hosts.

Here are a few of the photos I managed to snap of the party.  Enjoy.  And, it’s okay to be jealous that you missed it.





I love that everyone got into the sombreros and moustaches.  Thanks for humoring me, friends!  I


I hope you enjoyed our festive par-tay pictures!  Next time you are in the big D, stop over.  We’ll pull out the sombreros and moustaches just for you!


Enjoy your day,


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