Let’s Get It On…

We’ve been having a little issue around the {d&k} casa…

Dog-Cat #2 has been a little, well, how do I put this, sociable?!  No, that’s not right.  Excited?!  No.  Humpy-McHumperson?!  Yes, yes he is.

We think he may have picked up the idea and maybe some techniques from Elvis and Dog-Cat #1.  Well, not really Dog-Cat #1.  He sort of just stands there while Elvis takes advantage of him.  So, basically Elvis is the bad influence here.  But, we already knew that.

So, back to naughty Dog-Cat #2.  He only does “it” on or with 2 things in the house.  Both are my fuzzy blankets.  There is a yellow one on the couch for the cats to lay on so they don’t shed all over the couch.  Well, he has made this his own, if you know what I mean.

The second fluffy, oh-so-soft blanket is in {d&k}s bedroom on the couch and he has also made this his own.


I’ve never seen a cat hump anything.  Sorry, folks.  Earmuff the children, please.  This is a dirty blog post.

He starts by standing on the blanket and kneading it with his paws.  No big deal.  Normal cat behavior.

Then, he gets “in the zone.”  He doesn’t blink.  Or move his head.  He just stares.  Usually at me.  Ew.  Why?  Ew.

Then his little hips start moving.

At this point, {d&k} are thoroughly disgusted so k swats at him and he stops.  He lays down and licks himself.  Double ew.

Is this normal?  For a cat?

He just started this.  He’s fixed.  He’s 3.  Why now?  And why does he look at me?  I’m his mom!

I just don’t know what to do with him.  If I move the blankets, I’m worried he’ll find other, non-moveable thing to hump.  I don’t want him doing “that” to the couch. Or bed. Or brothers.  I mean, right now it’s contained to the blankets.  Should I keep it that way?

Should I take him to a kitty psychologist?  Is there some underlying issue?  Is he taking it out on my fuzzy blankets for a reason?  Or does he just think they are soft kitties?

Help a girl out, folks.

There’s a little too much humpity-hump-humpin’ going on around here.

Here he is, lettin’ it all hang out after one of his romps.  Lovely.


I hope you’ve enjoyed learning these oh-so-intimate details in my cat’s personal life.  I’m glad I can talk to you about this.  Thanks for being a great friend!


Enjoy your day,





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