What K Has Taught Me, Vol. 4

Wow…we’re up to #4 of “What K Has Taught Me.”  I feel bad for you.  Mainly because I have a lot for this post.  K’s been busy.


Let’s begin, shall we…

{d} – I need to blog.

{k} – So blog.

{d} – I can’t.  You haven’t done anything funny lately.

{k} – I’m your muse?!  Holy crap, I’m somebody’s muse!!  Can we just dwell on this for a moment?!  I inspire greatness!

{d} – Oh good Jesus.




{k} – {SCREAMING} – Dani….You’re cat is oooooooouuuuuuut!

{k, running outside to grab Dog-Cat #2}

{k, throwing Dog-Cat #2 at me as I walk outside}

{k} – Where were you??!?!

{d} – In the office.

{k} – {huffy} – I didn’t know we had sound-proof doors!

{d} – Trust me, I’m just as surprised as you. Have you heard your voice?!




{d} – Do you want a Nutty Crispy Cake?


{d} – Poof!!  You’re a Nutty Crispy Cake!

{k} – Wow. Really?

{d} – Ahahahah! Hahaha. Haha. Ha. Ha!



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