Things I Don’t Understand…

I keep a list on my phone about things I want to blog about.  Most are just random or funny things that happen while {d&k} are out and about.  I started a list that was titled, “Things I Don’t Understand…” and I’ve been slowly adding to it.  K has been a huge help.

Any time I say, “I don’t understand that…”

K says, “Add it to the blog.”

Haha, thanks k!

So, here is my list of Things I Don’t Understand:

* Restaurants/Waitresses whose uniforms consist of less material than a Victoria’s Secret Swimsuit Models. (It’s not very sanitary, folks.  There is a lot of “stuff” hanging out.  Possibly touching food.  Germ-a-phobes do not do well in those situations…trust me!)


* Kids that look like they are 12 and are drinking.  (I know, it is just me getting older.  But come on…these kids really do look young!)


* Cougars.  (Not the animal. Enough said.)


* How people become a smoker today, after seeing all the stuff that’s out there about how bad it is, how much it costs, and coming across those old ladies with the raspy, scary voices.  Eep.


* All of k’s extra skin.
Example:  k’s weenus (sp?).  Look at all of that extra elbow skin.  Look how happy he is about it.

And here is my extra elbow skin.  A very normal amount.  Now compare the two.  I don’t understand why k has so much!?!?!

And here’s Elvis’ weenus.  Just to compare human and dog.  I’d still say k is the odd man out.  My weenus looks an awful lot like Elvis’.


* How do people sneeze while riding a motorcycle?  (I don’t know about you, but I about have a heart attack while sneezing and driving, and I’m in an enclosed space with FOUR wheels.  How do motorcyclists do it?!)


I think that’s it for now.  But, you know me…there will be more.  Brace yourself, people.  I need answers.  I have lots of questions.  Lots.


Anything you don’t understand?!  I might be able to help.  If it’s good, I could always post it on my blog and pass it off as my own.  Just sayin’.


Enjoy your day,



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