More Proof…

Proof that Google and I share the same brain.  As if we need more proof.  I mean, it’s been so obvious…here and here.

But, here’s the 3rd instance that screams Google and I share a brain…

{Queen B} – I can’t remember the name of that book…
…something about a warrior.  A warrior indian!!  I think he was similar to Geronimo.
…and I think I remember something about sunset.

{d} – Ok, I’ll google it.

{Queen B} – I think the author’s last name is Sommer.

{d} – Ok, let’s try this…
…”Book indian warrior by Sommer”

{Google} – Did you mean, “Empire of the Summer Moon by Gwynne”?

{d} – GAH!  Google did it again!  Why yes, yes I did mean that.


So, anytime you have to search for something and you only know bits and pieces of the information…no matter how far off you are (author = Sommer, really B?), come to me and I’ll google it for you.  So far, I have a 100% success rate 🙂


And, Google…I’m still waiting on my check.  I have some serious shopping to do.

Enjoy your day,




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