What a weekend!


Did you miss me?!  Yay!  I thought you might have.

Sorry I took a mini break.  But, no worries…I’m baaaaack!

The wedding this weekend was fantastic!  Everything went well and the bride and groom looked amazing.
See for yourself:

There were no catastrophes (which there usually are) and everyone had a great time.  The bride said to me at the end of the night that she was sad it went by so fast.  It’s true.  There is so much that happens during a wedding and you are pulled in so many directions that it is very hard to take a step back and really enjoy the moment.

It was a very, very long day for the Queen B and me.  (I’m not sure if I told you that the owner of Bee for the Day, Queen B, was coming in to help me with this wedding.  Queen B is an amazing wedding coordinator and a fantastic friend, so we had a great weekend!)

We didn’t end up getting home from the wedding reception until around 3:00am, and of course, we were wired from working all day that we didn’t go to bed until 4:00am.  Ugh.  I easily could have slept the entire next day.  But, I couldn’t.  We had some serious shopping to do!!  And we did, too!   I mean, come on…we totally deserved it.  We had a very successful 1st wedding in Dallas!

So, the wedding set-up, rehearsal, and actual day-of took up the majority of our weekend.  We did manage to find time for food, shopping, food, shopping, and more food.  Queen B found a little extra time to cuddle with the animals too.  And, she did assist Elvis in running into the screen door.  It was great!  Absolutely hilarious.  And, since k upgraded the screen to heavy-duty, Elvis didn’t go through it!  But, you know what was NOT hilarious?!  K didn’t get mad at Queen B.  He laughed.  Now, if that were me doing it (again), he would have yelled.  Whatevs K, whatevs.

So, that was our weekend.  I’m so happy the wedding went well and my first wedding with Bee for the Day – Dallas was a success!  I cannot wait to start booking more!!

Thanks for stopping by!  Enjoy your day,


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