Random Wednesday Funnies

Hi everyone!

I hope Wednesday is treating you well!  Happy Middle-Of-The-Week!!  Any big plans this weekend?  I have my first Dallas wedding and I’m so excited!!  I will fill you all in next week 🙂

On to the funnies….

So, I should probably give you a little background on The Llamas.  In college, there were 6 of us that lived together.  Our junior year we lived off-campus.  One night, 4 of 6 were walking across campus for a meeting of some sorts, when a group of guys walked past us and yelled, “Sexy Mamas!”  Right.  Ridiculous.  Well, being the nerdy girls that we were/are, we hear “sexy LLAMAS.”  So became the nickname of our little group.  The Llamas.  Whenever we had a party or friends were coming over, they would refer to our apartment as, The Llama Pad.  And, through the years, the name has stuck.  There are 3 Llamas that remain best llama friends and we, of course, still refer to ourselves as The Llamas.  And, our husbands also refer to us as The Llamas.  They, however, are not Llamas.  They are Llama husbands.  Huge difference here, folks.

Anyways, the Llama husbands think it’s funny to pick on us.  Here’s is a recent attempt:

So, now you know.  Llamas don’t punch back. They bite. Or pinch the back of your arms (ladies, if you do not know this trick, let me know.  I’ll teach you.   Best.weapon.evah).  And, if in the odd chance they do punch back, just nuzzle.  Not faint.  I got the studies mixed up.

I think Just Nuzzle should be Nike’s new slogan.  Hmmm.  I think I’m on to something here.  Not only does Google owe me royalties for having my brain, but Nike will have to pay me, as well, for coming up with their new slogan.  YES!  Ok, first I’m going to buy a shiba inu, then a yacht.  Next I’ll work on my own lake.  Lake Dani.  It has a great ring to it, no?

Happy Wednesday!  Enjoy your day!  Oh, and go buy some Nike’s 🙂


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