We Survived!

So, I’m sure all of you have seen on the news about the horrible tornadoes that hit North Texas on Tuesday.  We were so lucky that they missed North Dallas.  There were a few tornadoes that touched down in our neighboring suburbs to the north and then the rest of the tornadoes basically surrounded North Dallas.

It was pretty scary stuff, let me tell you.

I was here with all of the animals, while k was at work.  The weather was starting to get a little spooky, around 1pm, so I went into the living room to watch for any weather updates breaking in during regular programming and when I turned on the tv, I was surprised that all the channels were news, talking about the weather.  Tornado warnings were being reported for the surrounding counties and then our county was listed.  I texted k to let him know and he was reporting this back to his coworkers.

Pretty soon after I started watching, the news reported that 2 tornadoes had touched down in South Dallas and that we were now under a Tornado Emergency (which I learned is much worse than a warning) and that everyone should go into their “safe room.”  No one in Dallas (maybe even all of North Texas) has a basement, so usually the bathrooms are the safest.

As soon as I hear that on the news, k texts me and tells me to go into the bathroom because the school’s tornado sirens are going off.  I round-up the pups and grab their dog beds and put them in one bathroom.  I grab both cats and lure them into another bathroom with catnip and then I go and join the pups.  Thankfully, out of our 3 bathrooms, the two we were in do not have a window, which ultimately makes them the safest rooms in our house.

As soon as I get situated in the bathroom with the pups, our tornado siren starts wailing.  I had my laptop and was watching the news feed, keeping track of the tornadoes.

It was so scary because they had live footage of some of the tornadoes ripping through neighborhoods.  Power lines were exploding left and right.  Then they’d cut back to the newsroom’s radar just in time to see another tornado pop up on a different side of town.  They were everywhere!

Meanwhile, in the bathroom, Oskar and Uma were sweet enough to share a sliver of their beds with me, but no one wanted to share with Elvis.  He eventually gave up and hopped into the bathtub and nested in there.  Goofy dog.  He was the most frightened.  He whined for the first half hour we were in there, but he eventually calmed down.  Oskar and Uma passed out almost instantly.

We were in the bathroom for about 2.5 hours.  Every time I thought it was safe, another tornado would pop up on the radar.  I heard this morning that there were 19 tornadoes that touched down in North Texas Tuesday.  How awful!  Thankfully, there were no deaths reported!  We are so lucky!

And, thank you to all of my family and friends who were checking in on us!  We survived!  And, after it was safe to come out of the bathroom, Oskar and Uma stayed in there.  It was quiet and warm (very warm, most likely from their breath) and they were in heaven.


So, I just wanted to let everyone know that we are okay!

Please pray for everyone in North Texas that was affected by these tornadoes, especially those who lost their homes.


Enjoy your day & be safe,




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