Hiding on my phone…Photo Overload {Part 2}

I was going through my photos on my phone and I found a bunch that I have yet to share with you.  I know how much you love my photo overload posts, so here’s another!!

I organized my closet.  Those are my heels.  Isn’t it glorious?!  Each one has a little label that says what pair of heels are in the box.  Yes, I will come and organize your closet for you too.

Elvis found the one puddle at the dog park and face-planted in it.  On purpose.  More than one.  It was a messy ride home.  But just look how happy he is!

Dog-Cat #2 enjoys sitting on the counters in the kitchen.  And scaring me when I come around the corner.  He doesn’t like to sit on the same counter twice, so it’s like a little game where he’ll pop up next.  I don’t like it one bit.  Sneaky little cat.


This never happens.  Do you know how many games of Words With Friends that {d&k} have played against each other?!  A lot.  And I’ve only won twice.  So, I had to document it.  And share it with all of you!  Thanks, k!


K took d golfing for the first time ever.  It was ok.  I was pretty bad.  But we did have fun, and that’s all that matters.  It was a little slow-paced for me.  And there’s a lot to remember.  And I missed the ball.  A lot.

First swim of the season = happy, happy pups.  We cannot keep them out of that pool.  I finally had to hide it behind the shed!

Look at the new matching pillows I got!  Aren’t they adorable?!  And soft too!

Hmmm, is that confusing?!  YES!  Who sends messages like that?  Oh, me.  I can’t even understand what I was trying to say.  Was I drinking?  Seriously, what is wrong with me?!


Well, those are the things you’ve missed over the past few weeks.  Really exciting stuff, huh?!  Hah.  I know, we are pretty exciting people.  I’ll try to take more exciting photos this weekend.  Just for you.  Actually, I need to make this blog a little more exciting, otherwise you will all leave!  Don’t leave.  Please.  I’ll be more exciting.  Hopefully.


Enjoy your day,




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