Photo Overload {Part 1}

Yep, that’s right…Part 1.  Prepare yourself.

Here are some photos from last week while KT was in town.  I didn’t take nearly as many as I should have, but I was too busy having fun!  That’s how it should be, right?!


d & KT went to the Dallas Museum of Art.  We had a great time, even after getting a little lost, having the security guards “follow” us (after all, we do resemble criminals), and being spooked by some very scary sculptures.


Cheers!  This was KT’s first time at a BYOB restaurant.  The pizza was delicious too!
KT & k thought up a new version of the old high-five – lobster claw five!  I don’t understand. I don’t know how this new high-five came about.  I hope it doesn’t stick.

Out for burgers (of course)…guess which character k was?!  Hehehe.


We had to go to Sweet Sammies again.  Had to.  I mean, look at that thing…how could you not go back for another one?!  Yum!


We went to the Fort Worth Zoo and had so much fun.  We were so close to all of the animals!  The flamingos were going crazy…necks stretched out and gobbling (or squawking, or whatever they do).  Then, k wanted to show us how pandas eat bamboo.  Thanks, k!  I know I was curious how pandas eat bamboo.  And then we found the prairie dogs…my favorite.  I’ve never been to a zoo where they are so active and close.  This little guy kept posing for the camera.  How cute is he?!  If I would have had a bigger purse, he’d be living at the Mullan Casa right now!

Just look at that teeny, tiny cowboy hat.  Perfect for a little pugeranian head.  But no.  I wasn’t allowed to buy it.  Mean old k.


So, that’s just a little look into our fun-filled week, while KT was visiting.  I hope you will all come visit soon so we can blog about you 🙂


Thanks for stopping by!  Enjoy your day,


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