Google Stole My Brain

{d} – K!  Look!  Those are the cutest dogs!  What kind are they?!  (Yes, I was screaming with excitement that whole time).

{k} – I have no idea.

{d} – They look like Elvis!  Curly tail!  Floppy ears!  I want one!!

{k} – No.

{d} – I know that breed, I just can’t think of it right now.  It will come to me later.


{d} – Ibisu!

{k} – Bless you.

{d} – No.  The dog breed from earlier.  Ibisu.

{k} – Ok?!?!

{d} – Google it.  I want to see if I’m right.

{k} – {Begins to Google “Dog breed Ibisu”}
{Google’s drop down menu pops up and says “did you mean Dog breed Shiba Inu?“}

{k} – Do you mean Shiba Inu?

{d} – YES!  That’s it!  How did Google do that?

{k} – Oh my God. You and Google share the same brain.


I think Google owes me a lot of royalties.  I’ll be waiting for my check, Google.  In the meantime, I’ll be yacht shopping.


Enjoy your day.  And, if you have time, Google Shiba Inus.  You will not be disappointed!




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