Hello again, Monday!

Hello again!  How is everyone on this lovely Monday?  Yep, I said lovely and Monday in the same sentence.

I can feel you all staring daggers at me.

I’m sorry.  It’s true, though.

So far, today has been quite lovely.

I feel refreshed from some much-needed time with my sister, KT.  Lots of laughing (mostly at k), good food, and zoo cuddles.

I got a ton of work done today.

I’m actually looking forward to cleaning the house (did you just fall out of your chair after reading that?  I thought I heard a thud).

I spent some time outside today and it is so nice.  Not even a cloud in the sky!  I’m looking forward to grilling out and walking the pups tonight too!

And, now I’m getting ready to jump back into a workout routine, since I missed last week and was sick the following.  I’m feeling a little sluggish.   I’m tackling Insanity head on today.  Watch out, Shawn T!  (I think that’s his name.  I can’t remember.  All I know is he is the man I want to punt kick in the head for making me do these stupid jumping jacks and high knees.  I hate you mister, whateveryournameis.).

And, I saw The Hunger Games movie last night and it was am.az.ing.  I am ready to power through the last few chapters of the 3rd book  this week.  Did anyone else see it?  What did you think?


So, that is why I am having a lovely Monday.  Anyone else having a good day today?

Oh, and I have lots and lots of photos coming your way.  I was pretty bad with the photos while KT was here…except I took a ton at the zoo.  Of course.  Who cares about capturing moments with your family when there is a perky little meerkat standing on his back legs, practically begging for a picture?!

I also have a ton of photos from the last few weeks that have been hanging out on my phone, waiting for me to show them off.  Just you wait!


Go out and enjoy the rest of your Monday!





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