I thought you could use a little randomness

Source: stumbleupon.com via Dani on Pinterest

Just a little something random to make you laugh today.  I feel as though the person who wrote this must have been stalking me last week.  Every number applies to me!  There’s definitely k in there too.  Hilarious. 

Does this apply to your life too? 

So, since my sister KT is here (happy dance), I might be a little slow on the blogging.  I know, I know.  First, I took off all last week.  Now, my sister is in town.  I’m the worst blogger evah.  I get it.  I will make it up to you.  I promise.  I do have a ton of photos to post for you from last weekend and I’ll get them up soon.  And, you know I’ll have a ton more to post from all the shenanigans KT & {d&k} get into this week. 

Enjoy your day,


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