Speaking of Superman…

Is what I said to k the other night.

That lead him onto a tangent about how that is not an appropriate transition to an adult conversation.

But, I wasn’t the one who was talking about Superman in the first place.  He was.

And do you want to know why he was talking about Superman?  Of course you do.  K was showing me how he would fly.  And he would fly like Superman.  With one arm out, hand in a fist.

So, of course, I had to show him how I would fly.  With two hands out in front, hands and fingers extended.  That’s the correct way to fly.  More aerodynamic.

Not according to k.  Or Superman, apparently.

So then I tell k that I found a pair of Superman socks that I though my nephews would like.  They are knee-socks, in Superman colors, with a giant S on the front.  The back of each sock has a little red cape!  They are adorable.  K says, “Forget your nephews, get them for me!”

And what was that you said about adult conversations?!


Enjoy your day,


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