Elvis the Tattling Pugeranian

Yesterday, Elvis comes running into my office with his I-HAVE-to-pee!!!! yip.  So I follow him out to the back door to let him out, only he doesn’t come to the back door.  He runs straight into the kitchen and starts his mom-look-at-ME!!! yip.  So I go around the corner into the kitchen and see Dog-Cat #2 on the counter.  Well, cats are not allowed on the counter in my house, so Dog-Cat #2 got booted off pretty quickly.  After that, I went back to the door to let Elvis out, when I hear his MOOOOM-I’m-not-done-showing-you-things!!! yip.  So, back around the corner to the kitchen I go, just in time to see Elvis running towards the back room.  He stops at the baby gate that blocks the dogs from the cat litter boxes and he start pawing at it and, of course, yipping.  So, I go back there and look in the room.  Sure enough, I find Dog-Cat #2 on the floor with an opened granola bar that he is hungrily ravishing.  I grab the granola bar and he angrily attacks the few crumbs left on the floor, glaring at me the whole time.  Then Elvis runs back to my office and curls up in his bed, letting out his job-well-done! sigh.

So, my little trouble-maker wants his record cleared.  By tattling on the others.  Sneaky little thing.  I will give Dog-Cat #2 credit though.  He almost got away with that.  If he would have hidden the granola bar, instead of leaving it out in the open, I would have never known.  I think he was on a mission and wanted another granola bar before he was caught.

And, after all that, Elvis was a perfect little angel yesterday.  I’m sure things will change today.  He’ll go back to his trouble-maker self when he realizes that Dog-Cat #2 isn’t hiding anything today.


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Enjoy your day!  I hope no one tattles on you today.


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