K’s Keepers, Vol. 3

Last night we had an am.az.ing dinner.  I couldn’t wait to share it with all of you!!  {d&k} went to a burger restaurant and d ordered a BBQ chicken burger that just had to be recreated.  So, {d&k} created their own version:

Mother and Child Burger
Serves 2


Ground Chicken
BBQ Sauce
2 Slices Cheese (we used American)
2 Eggs
Lettuce & any additional toppings
2 English Muffins (or buns)

1 – Form ground chicken into 2 patties and grill until cooked through and no longer pink.  Top with cheese and let melt.

2 – Fry egg/cook sunny side up, so that yolk is not too runny.

3 – Toast english muffins.  Add BBQ sauce to bottom of muffin.  Add chicken and top with fried egg.  Add lettuce and any additional toppings.
4 – Eat!  Enjoy this deliciousness of a sandwich and try not to make a mess. YUM!
So, k thinks it’s funny that it took me a little longer than most to catch onto the name, Mother and Child.  I just thought it was clever and didn’t associate it with what it really is….Mother = Chicken and Child = Egg.  Haha.  Now it’s even funnier!  Sometimes, I’m a little slow.

Let me know if you try this fantastic chicken burger and what you think of it!!

Enjoy your day,


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