We had to say goodbye to a good friend

Our cat, Shanahan, passed away on Saturday.  She was battling cancer and it became much too bad for her to live through.  We had to put her down after almost 15 years of having her by our sides.

Shanahan was a wonderful cat and I miss her so much.  She has been through so much with me and every time I needed her she was right by my side, cooing and cuddling.  She was there for me through high school and college, good and bad roommates, boyfriends, new apartments and moving, heart breaks, new pets, and everything in between.  She welcomed k into our little duo with open paws and she loved k as if he had been with her since she was 8 weeks old, like me.

She was an easy pet.  She came to me when she wanted something or to be cuddled.  She wasn’t a lap cat and she hid under the bed when someone came over, but she still had her way of showing she loved us.  She hated cat treats and most people food, except tuna. Anytime we got the can opener out she would come running to the kitchen, more often than not to find us opening corn.  She loved to lick plastic grocery bags and play with paper balls.  Fancy toys were not for her.  She slept on my pillow, curled around my head, every night.

It is hard having a pet.  They become your friend.  They really are always there for you.  They know exactly when you need them and what you need from them.  And, you become very attached to them.  As hard as it is to let them go, I cannot imagine life without any of my pets, especially Shanahan.

Shanahan – You have always been there for me and helped me through so much.  I will truly miss our friendship.  Thank you for loving k so much, even though he took my attention away from you and brought Charlie into our lives.  The other cats miss you too.  Charlie slept on my pillow last night, just for you.  And, I’m quite positive you had some doing in Sebastian finding us…you wanted me to have another Maine Coon, just like you.  {d&k} will see you again someday!  We love you!!

Go and hug, cuddle, and love your pets a little more today.  And, say a prayer for Shanahan.  Pray that she is without pain and has a wonderful second life.

Enjoy your day and all of your pets,


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