This week…

This week…

has been busy.  work is busy.  busy busy.

we’ve been to a Jesuit basketball game, rugby match (is it a match? game? meet? whatevs).  and will be going to a swimming meet.  whoa, that’s a lot of sports for this girl.  a lot of high school sports.  i feel old.  these kids look like pups.  and are tiny.  tiny pups.  ugh.

we will attend another gala.  but, i do have a cute new dress to wear, so i’m a happy girl.  ooh, and new heels.  yes!

we have been planning fun things to do with our guests next week {happy dance} and they, surprise surprise, all revolve around food.  that’s what you get when this girl likes to eat.

i’ve worked out.  hard.  trying to make up for being sick last week and not working out.  and now it’s hard to walk. ooph.

i almost touched stanley.  the gecko.  that lives in my backyard.  he comes out when it’s warm and suns himself.  i’m afraid he’s going to bite me.  i know he doesn’t have teeth, but it still spooks me.  and then k reminded me last night that i petted a 17 ft. tall giraffe and i should not be afraid of a gecko.  ha, then you pet stanley!  i think i’ll make dw pet stanley when he gets here next week.  there’s no way stanley can get his mouth wide enough to bite dw’s sausage-linky fingers (love you, dad).

i’ve been working on a few projects for around the house.  and i’ve planned another one for this weekend.  i’ll post pictures next week.  you should all be sitting on the edge of your seats with anticipation.

we will be hitting a few antique stores.  i’m trying to find the perfect piece of furniture for the back hallway.  i’m also on the hunt for a new tea-cup to add to my collection.  my weekend project just might be a new way to showcase my tea-cup collection.  like i said, edge of your seats, folks.

we will be washing the zoo.  they smell.  and elvis’ fur is a lovely shade of dingy.  i’ll try to take pictures, but i make no promises.  last time i turned my head for a second, elvis got out of the tub and went streaking through the house covered in shampoo.  not funny. well, ok it was absolutely hilarious.  elvis couldn’t get any traction because his little paws were soapy and he was sliding and running into things left and right.  and when he can’t get traction, his head bobs up and down trying to get enough momentum to throw his little body forward.  haha.  hmmmm, maybe i’ll have to “look away” for a bit just to reenact this hilariousness (check it, it’s a word).

so, what have you been up to this week?  i bet it is nowhere near as exciting as my week.  haha.  prove me wrong, go ahead.

And, I’d like to throw in a quick countdown recap (in case any of you are keeping track…which I know you are because your days revolve around what’s going on in {d&k}s lives, hehe):

7 Days until my parents arrive in the big D

8 Days until my bestest arrives in the big D

40 Days until my lil sis arrives in the big D


Enjoy your day,


3 responses

  1. Geckos are very dangerous. They bite, hard, especially tiny little twig-like fingers. I’d stay away if I were you. I bring help with me next week. Double “R”. Alias Ralph the Rooster. I think I can get him into my carry-on. Love ya and see ya soon.

  2. DW – I had a feeling geckos were dangerous. They have those teeny-tiny bodies and small mouths that can snap a twig in, well, maybe just bend it a bit. But, that’s why you will be the first one to pet him. I’ve nominated you. Congratulations!!!!

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